Any pictures of Lightoller while he was in Canada looking for gold

I was just wondering if there were any pictures of Lightoller while he was looking for gold. I have printed a copy of Titanic and Other Ships and for the title page of TRAIL OF '98. I would like to put a picture of him there. Thanks

Inger Sheil

Have a look at page 107 of Patrick Stenson's Titanic Voyager: The Odyssey of C.H. Lightoller, Kari (1998 edition, Hasgrove and Endurance Productions, ISBN 1 874448 81 7). It's a photograph of Lightoller before setting out for the Klondike. He's wearing typical gear and has a rifle in hand. The caption notes he sent the photo home to his sister.

Laura Jay

Not sure if this is significant, but I Googled Lights and found a picture of him standing with another bloke and there's adverts of Canadian steamships/railways behind him.