Any votes for the best Titanic childrens book

Oct 13, 2000
Fiona wrote: I’d also like to put in a vote for Arthur Cooke’s A Day in a Shipyard, even though it’s not really a ‘Titanic’ book but an ‘Olympic’ book.

ah, but I beg to differ, Fiona. Shipyard is indeed a Titanic book. the author visited the Harland & Wolff shipyards while the Olympic and Titanic were being built side by side. there are pictures of both ships in the book. and while the author does mostly focus on Olympic, he does spend some time in the book on Titanic as well.

in fact A Day In A Shipyard may be the very first Titanic book ever printed. its either that one or the Shipbuilder special edition. not sure which was published before the other.

in Shipyard it has always ingrigued me that the author is given his tour by an unnamed Harland & Wolff employee as guide. I have always imagined that it might have been Thomas Andrews himself, although in reality he was probably way too important to be giving the penny tour to a children's author. still the concept is intriguing!

all the best, Michael (TheManInBlack) T
Jan 7, 2002
A copy of A Day In The Shipyard sold on Ebay last year for $500
I didnt find the listing untill after the auction ended..usually my Titanic book hunting spidey sense never fails, but it kicked in too late on that day...

Tarn Stephanos

Don Tweed

May 5, 2002
I will have to go with Polar also.
My daughter just loves it!
I have the Magic Treehouse book and Inside the Titanic too.
She likes them as well!!!
Happy Fathers Day out there to all!!!!
May 27, 2007
'Inside The Titanic' by Hugh Brewster and Ken Marschall.

My daughter loves this book. I love this book as well. It really engages her attention. My daughter would follow me around and point at pictures and I'd tell her what she was pointing at. She likes the Polar Bear one as well but not as much as she did Inside Titanic.

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