Any word if the Titanic Artifact Exhibit will be returning to Boston

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Jan 7, 2002
The 1998 Titanic Artifact Exhibit in Boston will always shine as my favorite- as 2 research ships from Titanic expedition 98' (the ill fated 'Ocean Voyager' and the 'Abielle Supporter') moored accross the street- and the 'Big Piece' was brought straight from the wrecksite, and was exhibited in Boston. Plus it was the first Titanic Artifact exhibit I worked- and with Boston being my hometown, well, I have deep sentimental feelings for the 98' Boston Titanic exhibit.
It would be nice if someday the Big Piece could make a return to Boston..
I'm 7 years oout of the loop, as the last Titanic Exhibit I worked at was in Dallas in 2000. Anyone here who has insight as to what future cities the exhibits will visit- do you know if the Titanic exhibit will make a return to Boston MA?
Anyone here visit he 98' Titanic exhibit in Boston?


Tarn Stephanos
Boston MA
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