Anybody here haved detailed information on the Goodwin family

Does anybody here have any detailed information on the Goodwin family?
I've pretty much soaked up through and through what Walter Lord had to say about them in "The Night Lives On", and anything else I've come across about them up to now, and I'm still searching for more facts about them.

Richard K.

Emma Louise Jackson

If it is the same Goodwin family as I am looking at I was hoping that you could help me.
My Friend's Grandfather says that his father was on the Titanic (who also carries the same surname). Many problems have come to my attention. One being that the whole Goodwin family was on the ship when it sank therfore her grandfather must have been on the ship as one of Fredrick Goodwin's children . Another problem is, all the information I have on them state they were lost during the sinking. I have found them on the passengers list (3rd class) but they don't seem to be on any list of those who died on the ship. Can you help?
Yours Hopefully
Miss EL Jackson.
Greetings Miss Jackson,

It is possible that perhaps your friend's great-grandfather was another person named Goodwyn who was on the Titanic.
Hope this helps.

Richard K.