Anybody reading this be aboard QE2 and QM2 on 42504

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On April 25,2004 both the Queen Elizabeth 2 and the Queen Mary 2 will both sail out of New York together.I will be aboard the QE2.Will anybody else reading this message be aboard the QE2 or QM2 on this date? Sincerely,Jerry Nuovo
I wish I could say I will be on board either of these ships but thats not going to happen. However you can bet that I will be right there watching them from the riverside!
I would like to say yes, but Jason Tiller and I will have just completed the westbound crossing of the Queen Mary 2, arriving in New York on April 22nd.

However, I plan to stay on, in New York, to see the sight of the two ships, together.
Well John I would like to meet you and Jason on April 22,2004 or maybe better on April 25,2004 just before I board the QE2.I assume that you and Jason will want to stay in New York until April 25th to see the QE2 and QM2 sail out of New York together. Sincerely,Jerry Nuovo

Jason D. Tiller

I'll be staying on in New York as well to see the two ships. It's something that shouldn't be missed.

Jerry, John and I can meet you either on the 22nd or the 25th.

Best regards,

TO : Jerry & James:

Hope to see you in New York, sometime April 22nd - 25th, 2004. We all need to watch the two Cunarders, together, and perhaps offer a toast to "The Queens of Cunard".

Alex McLean

I won't be on either of them, but hopefully I will be in Southampton to see them off on april 16th.
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