Anyone else facing the task of Rebuiling their Titanic book collection

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I have good karma finding rare Titanic books..ive had at least 2 copies of every titanic book ive ever owned, at one time or another...

Though i want to get these titles back, i have no regrets about having had to sell these books as it what enabled me to go to Australia to be with a girl I thought id marry..had i never taken the risk, id never know what would have happened. It didnt work out in the end, and im back in the states now, but she and I are great friends and will always be as such..

.Ive no doubt in 10 years ill have all these titles back and more...If anyone has extras lying around, let me know! Thanks!

All my books were 1st editions and in very fine to near mint condition...

My wantlist for titanic books i had until I sold them off recently are:

(1) Souvenier edition of shipbuilder-olympic/titanic 1911

(2)An Unsinkable Titanic by J Bernard walker, 1912

(3)SS Titanic-Ocean's Greatest tragedy, 1912

(4)Tragic Story of The titanic by fredericks, 1912 (green cover); and promo dummy copy too...

(5)The Titanic Tragedy by Russel(hardcover and paperback) 1912

(6)Thomas andrews shipbuilder by Shan Bullock, 1912

(7) Home From the Sea by Arthur Rostron, 1940

(8)The Ismay Line by Wilton Oldham

(9)White Star by Roy Anderson

(10)The Titanic Commutator 1990-2000

(11) Les Objects Du titanic

(12)Titanic Tragedy-God speaking To the nations by Alma White, 1912
(this book came in many colors- i had brown,green,maroon,black and blue colored copies..)


Tarn Stephanos
Hi Rob..
the first 46 issues of the Commutator?

What years do they cover?

Good find!!!

I have the 1975-89 issues....

Get them leather bound!
They'd look nice indeed!

My 1985-89 issues are bound in blue leather..looks very nice...

the early Commutators from the 60s annoy me as they were individual pages stapled,
without a spine like a proper journal.

.i dont think they had proper folded spines till 73'

Daniel, i deleted you email by accident, email me again please,..

tarn Stephanos
Greetings Tarn,

From what the seller informed me the first issues start with the very first "newspaper like" Marconigram and go all the way up to 1975. Since my own collection already goes back to 1973 this should flesh out the collection and lead me to who knows where in collecting...

All my best,
wow...Good find Rob!
Think youll have them all bound, or leave them as is?

My 1985-89 issues are bound in blue leather, and embossed in gold 'The Titanic Commutator'.

Ill have my issues of TI's journal 'Voyage' bound in a similar way, albiet with a deep green leather.....

My favorite commutator issue was from around 1992, covering the Britannic-there were fold out then and now glimpses of the wreck. One of their best issues ever!...

tarn Stephanos

Don Tweed

Well Tarn nothing ventured , nothing gained as they say!!!
Building, always building my own!
Go for it again.
As Betty and Wilma would say: "Charge it!!!"
Best reguards, Don
Greetings Tarn,

Not entirely sure yet what I'll do with them. I had started putting those I have into protective binders (like those found in libraries) although the binders aren't all I'd hoped for when purchasing them. I'd thought about seeing to having them bound, ala yours, when you mentioned having yours down back when, but haven't yet looked into it. What were your costs for having it done, and where'd you take them, if I might inquire.

All my best,
Slowly but surely Im rebuilding my collection...
Along the way Ive sold some rare ones to finance buying even rarer ones- hence i recently sold my mint 1923 Elbert Hubbard book, the funds going towards a super rare 1911 softcover of the Olympic/Titanic Shipbuilders...
That puts the Hubbard book back on my want list..

Tarn Stephanos
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