Anyone else in USA or Canada not receive the Atlantic Daily Bulletin yet

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Anyone reading this who lives in the U.S.A. or Canada and is a member of the British Titanic Society,Did you receive the December issue of the Atlantic Daily Bulletin yet? On January 17,2003 Geoff Whitfield sent me an e-mail stating that a substitute copy would be mailed to my house.Well 41 days later I still have not received the substitute copy.Mr. Whitfield has not replied to my e-mails to him either,the last time he e-mailed me was on January 17,2003.Does anyone know what is going on here? Do you have an explanation Mr. Whitfield? I don't want to be rude but my patience is getting thin. Sincerely,Jerry Nuovo

Brian Hawley

I have not received my ADB either Jerry (and I live in the US). I understand there was a mistake with the mail back in December so I am not too miffed. On the other hand though some of my friends in other states have received their copy so I am starting to get concerned. Regarding Geoff, he is planning the April BTS convention so I am sure he is swamped right now.

Not here in South Scarolina either. If it was a second mistake on the part of the post, I would hope everybody would be appropriately miffed. Remailing couldn't have been cheap. If it's just my subscription expiring, I hope I get the renewal notice soon so I can keep on getting it. The ADB may not be the thickest of the publications offered by the Titanic societies, but it's certainly one of the most substantive!

And I really want to see that article on Hitchens!
Fear not, replacements have been sent to all overseas members whether they received the original copy or not. Two sacks of overseas mail went missing after being mailed - some of the missing Bulletins have reached their destination and it appears that others have not. Unfortunately, the volume of items to be sent has meant having copies re-printed, this took longer as the original plates had been destroyed.
please be patient and allow a further ten days. If it still hasn't arrived - please contact me.
Unfortunately, the mail's mistake has cost us around £500, which in these days of declining interest and falling memberships, is no small amount. At some point, the original is bound to turn up - please don't send it back to me!

Thanks for updating us Geoff. I don't suppose there's any chance of getting the post to make good on the loss is there? £500 isn't exactly chump change when one is operating on a shoestring.
Michael, I wish there was a way. They wriggled out of it by saying I should have got a receipt for each one before I posted it! I'd have been about two years filling in the forms!
Thanks Ing!!
Nothing out in the left coast either! Geoff, to save BTS money, and make certain this does not happen again, how about we all just fly there and personally get our copies each month!!
Geeze, do I have to think of EVERYTHING!?
Damn Geoff....that really stinks! They screw up and the customer gets jacked up! I'll be keeping an eye out for my issue. I hope they didn't send it to Iraq by mistake.
Thanks for the info, Geoff!

An idea, to the BTS benefits, for those who end up with two copies - give the extra copy to a friend, who might be willing to join up!
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