Anyone ever hear of the SNES game SOS

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James Bourne

On June 1st, 1994, game publisher Vic Tokai, Inc. released a game called "SOS" (or "Septentrion" in japanese (セプテントリオン)). The game takes place on an Olympic class ship called "Lady Crithania", and takes place September 13, 1921 at 7:11pm. 2300 are on board as the ship is in the Humbleton Offing. You take the role as any 4 men: Capris Wisher, architect; Redwin Gardener, counselor; Luke Haines, sailor; or Jeffrey Howell, doctor. A giant wave then washes the ship upside down, and in a matter of an hour you must seek and rescue key people and as many survivors as possible (Sometimes people will only follow you if you find key items or negotiate the correct way) Anyways I must say having played it that the game I find to be very hard, but very fun. It took full advantage of the SNES capabilities, and the story was a perfect mix of "titanic" and "The Poseidon adventure". To see many good screenshots from the game, click here and if you want the best PC SNES emulator click here and if you want the ROM of the game just search for it, I am sure you can find it.

Brad Rousse

Nov 27, 2002
Prague, Czech Rep.
Huh... no, never heard of it. Was it a fairly niche game? I'm pretty sure I would have if it had a wide release, I played SNES 24/7 when games were still being made.
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