Anyone from Ireland

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hey all, my name is hel, i'm 21 and from Dublin in Ireland. Was wondering if there were any other irish titanic historians (or wannabe historians) about this site??!!

Jason D. Tiller

Off the top of my head, Senan Molony who is a member and also the author of The Irish Aboard Titanic is from Dublin, Helen. He's the only I can think of though.
Jim Carlisle, of Belfast, whose grandfather helped build Titanic, sometimes drops in. He leads a busy and adventurous life at sea, so he's not always around.

He's not connected with Alexander Carlisle.
Irish Paddys, eh?
Who'd 'a thunk it.
I'm a Paddy by descent and at heart, even though it's been over 400 years since the Macca forefathers left the Emerald Isle - For Scotland, of all places.
Hey Helen, None of my ancestors were on the Titanic, but my mothers side of the family is from Cork,Ireland. My mom is doing the geneology of or family tree right now.
Hi Hel. Hope your enjoying the great weekend weather in the Dublin area. Looking for data on Titanic, came across your query about Dublin + Titanic enthusiasts. You are not alone!. Did you see the small but interesting Titanic exhibit at Blanchardstown library last year put on by the Irish Titanic Historical Society?
Hello ET site this is the best Titanic site i have came across. i would just like to say hello to you all. and ask if there is any Belfast people on the site?

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I'm from just outside Belfast, originally we are from Comber, but now live on the east side of the Ards peninsula. One of the few Titanic passed three times.

My Grandfather was Alexander Carlisle, he was an apprentice Riveter from 1909 until 1914. A Riveter from 1914 until 1960.
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