Anyone know anything about Robert Ballard


Becca Smith

I really need information on Robert Ballard for an English project. I just finished reading A Night To Remember, and have a big test on it and i know nothing about him.
If you have any info, you can send it to me.



Kyrila Scully

Apr 15, 2001
South Florida
Becca, your best bet is to get to the Library and read Dr. Charles Pellegrino's book, "Her Name, Titanic!" which contains many interesting anecdotes about his friend, Dr. Robert Ballard. Also read Dr. Ballard's own books. He has found many ships besides Titanic. He recently found a famous WWII ship, I want to say the Midway, but that's not it. No, it was the Yorktown I believe. He was also called upon to find the remains of the Challenger space shuttle two months after he found Titanic. Anyway, Pellegrino's book is wonderful for information you won't find anywhere else on Ballard's formative years and an objective observation of the man's passion.
Dec 2, 2000
Easley South Carolina
A little caveat on Pelligrano's book, double check everything asserted therein, as he has a reputation of being creative with the facts. (Michael Tennero would likely know more about this)

Kyrila, the one ship Ballard found that was sunk at Midway was indeed the USS Yorktown. He tried to find the Japanese carriers too, but came up goose eggs. Hopefully, somebody will have better luck.

Michael H. Standart

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