Anyone Remeber Raise The TitanicThe Board Game

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While it is not related to Clive Cussler's novel or the movie save for copying the title, this board game is a pretty dandy novelty all the same.
It consists of a game board, Monopoly-type money, and small square cards that are blank on one side and on the other have crew, food, fuel, and diving bells for sale. Which you can buy at various places on the board, or from Chance-type cards drawn from the board.
The Titanic is a simple plastic model of the ship with cavities at the bow, stern, and twice between that where tresure is placed.
The model had slits amidships where a pole could be inserted with the ship sitting atop a coiled spring beneath her.
As players went around the board, respectively found Big T (and dealt with Life-type obstacles like "Hurricane. Lose next turn.", and salvaged away, she would go higher, higher, and higher...untill finally (John Barry RTT score please) she reached the top, and was "raised".
Person with the most money at the end thanks to their salvage haul won, but I always wanted to be the one who rose the ship instead. And was jealous when someone else did! :)

While I was not ever much for Titanic salvage, I am a board game afficinado, and have played this game many a time since my parents bought it for me in the late '80's at a Toys R Us in the Chicago area.
Just call me Dirk Pitt. :)

Richard Krebes
I don't know about that game. I wish I had the computer game that takes you around the ship, where you make decisions to prevent the sinking or disembark the passengers.
That is a great idea Marilyn. Of course the exact position of the ice danger would be randomly generated, and the winning is measured by getting most number of people to NY safely in the shortest possible time.
Hi Richard, I had never heard of or seen the game you mentioned until just now. It looks like a very similar concept (although slightly updated) to the 1976 "Sinking of the Titanic Game”, from Ideal Toys, which I have.
I have an unopened version of "Raise the Titanic Game" in my parents' attic in New York- a leftover from Christmas 1977. I was a hardcore enthusiast of that other Titanic game, in which you could opt to save passengers or let them die as the rotating ship sank (Note- the only "Ethnic" passenger, the offensive stereotypical "Long Fong" was in the first cabin to sink under water, which guaranteed that his character always died, along with "Victor Gigolo" and the withered old lady whose name I forget... a very 1977 commentary) and so would accept no substitutes.
Did not know of the game entitled "Sinking of the Titanic Game."
Wish I could have gotten one.
Oh yes.
One "rule" I added to the RTT game was that the person who raised the ship got to keep it! :)
I was as greedy as Daffy Duck to cop that prize, regardless if I won or not.


Pedge Jameson

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Look at the image on the box, what is wrong with this picture?
Uhm, gee, among other things, it appears to be daylight, a rescue ship is in the vicinity pre-sinking, numerous structural and paint details are wrong, AND everyone has 1970's hair.
At least they got the part about the ship sinking bow first right. That's about all they got right. That lifeboat looks more like one of those fishing skiffs you see close to shore then anything else. They might as well have stuck an outboard motor on the thing.
I have heard of all of these board games and have the 1976 Ideal game and the newer 1998 one. Never have gotten the Raise The Titanic game but have of course seen it many times on Ebay. One game that I bet many people don't have is one I got off Ebay, its called Titanic checkers. Has anyone ever heard of that?

Pedge Jameson

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OMG The rescue ship, I didn't even notice that.
What in gods name Star Trek parallel universe did the artist come from?
He must have a goatee while his doppelganger over here does not.

Pedge Jameson

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Speaking of this ridiculous picture, anyone remember that very old painting of the sinking that has the ship going down stern first and has passengers sitting safely on ICEBERGS??!!!!
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