Anyone want a dub of a Dallas Titanic exhibit news special

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In 2000 there was a nice tv special done by a local Dallas network, that was all about the Titanic exhibit, then at Fair Park in Dallas.

Nice exhibit- my last one, and 2nd favorite.

Part one is an interview with Titanic sub diver Ralph White,which was done near the wreck model (he dove on Titanic nearlly 40 times), and the 2nd half was a sit down interview with me, in a tv studio somewhere...
I just thought there might be some Texans, or other folks who would want a copy for thier Titanic collection....Ill gladly make dupes at some point...


Tarn Stephanos
You got to meet Ralph White? That's gotta be cool as can be! Talking with someone who's been to the Titanic 40+ times. Are you a journalist, newscaster? Sounds really cool!
Ralph is a funny guy..quite a character, and he has had such an amazing life. The places he's been, the people he met...He needs to write his autobio sometime...
I worked at the exhibits, it was a blast....Dallas was especially great, becuse we had a good staff of hardcore Titanic buffs...
By 2ooo SFX used me as press liason so I was doing the tv and radio spots plugging the Titanic exhibits.
But I thought Ralph White's interview on the special was quite good.
...ah, those were the days...


Tarn Stephanos
Oh now that's not fair! lol. I went to the Dallas exhibit TWICE. I didn't know that I could have become staff for the exhibit. Damn! lol. I could've at least tried to anyway. That's so awesome that you've gotten to do the things you've done. I was an extra in JC's Titanic but that's as far as my other life *Titanic* goes. I would love to be part of the exhibits or even the expeditions. (Those that don't go down there and destroy the wreck). Way cool! Keep in touch!

We were desperate to hire Titanic buffs for our floor crew in Dallas, you should have applied.....
Somehow I think being an extra in Cameron's Titanic film is far more impressive- you have become immortalized on film and saw the creation of the film from the inside..
Can you spot yourself on screen? How did you land the gig?


Tarn Stephanos
If I remember correctly, the Dallas exhibit was the smaller of the the two that were travelling at the time and the bigger one was in Chicago at that time, Is that correct? If so, are the exhibits still configured like that or have they changed much over the last 5 years?

Next time that thing comes through Dallas I am so there! lol. (applying). I'm only in one scene in Titanic when the ship is going down. I'll see if I can crop out a photo from the DVD and upload it here so you can see. I'm in a large croud (of course) at the end of the A-Deck promenade when the bridge goes under. I'll have to show ya. Actually I had a friend who had gotten a notice from the Titanic Historical Society and had booked a trip to Baja to see the set. He took me with him. We were touring the thing and spotted a member of the production crew and just walked up and asked if we could be extras. They had the set tilting and were filming the sinking scenes at this point. It was really cool being on a set that looked exactly like titanic and feeling it get steeper and steeper. Really overwhelming.
Hey Tarn,

Have you heard anything about there maybe another exhibit coming to Dallas? I haven't heard anything, but I was hoping you might be in the loop or something.
BTW, do you live in Dallas? I'm in Denton, TX myself. Just wondering.

I went to the same exhibit in Dallas too and it was amazing! When it came back around to Houston I had a family crisis and could not attend(sadly),so I also am wondering if any of you know if it will make its way to Texas again?

I tried to lobby it here for San Antonio,but no avail!
I am dying to see it again!
Sorry I missed the Titanic exhibit at Dallas.

I'm a member of the Dallas Historical Society in the Hall of State, just across the street from the Food and Fiber Building (I believe the Titanic exhibit was in that building...I think it would have been more impressive if they could have had the Titanic exhibit in The Hall of State.)

I have a message on the DHS Message Board as to whether there were any citizens of Dallas, their relatives or friends involved in the Titanic disaster ? Have you come up with anything along those lines ?

-jnb -"The Ghost of John Neely Bryan"
(I live in Irving)
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