Anyone with TITANIC relatives here

My Grandfather started work in Harland and Wolff in May 1909 and his first ship was the Titanic, his last one was the Canberra.

He was from the same village as Thomas Andrews and attended the same church.

He started a five year apprenticeship as a riveter, his wages were higher than the other apprentices. I think I know the reason why, but can't prove it!!

So I started very young hearing about the ship from my "Granda" and later my Dad who work as a Driller at Harland and Wolff's for 41 years. When he started in the Yard, his wages were less than what my Granda received 29 years earlier!!

Both were named Alexander Carlisle.

All the best

James (Jim) Alexander Carlisle

Kurstin Marriott

My great Great Grandfather is JW Marriott, but that is not his name, his real name is William Fredrick Marriott
Hi James

Forgive me if you have already answered this question on another thread. Have you thought of writing your grandfather's biography (including historical info about H and W etc)? I would be fascinated to read it! What an incredible experience - to have a grandparent tell you about the ship itself. If you don't mind my asking, when did your grandfather pass away?
Hi Anthony,

If only I had the time! My Grandfather passed away in late August 1971. My other Grandfather was a boilermaker in John Brown's in Glasgow and guess what ship he worked on? Poor Mum has known nothing but shipbuilders all her life.
I second Anthony's plea. "Please get writing." Even if it's 15 minutes of scribbled notes every second day, you'll have enough material for a good foundation to work on by the time you're on vacation or have a weekend when you're shut inside the house.

Your grandparents told to you important stories. Please get them down, if only for your own children. My mother's put off writing her memoirs of the Great Depression until now she's too tired to try.
I am a relative of Eino Viljami Panula, case you are interested

faye charlotte louise wheeler

hi i am descendant of thomas charles mudd born in huntingfield suffolk he died on titanic aged 16

Mark Baber

A "descendant"? Not likely; he was only 16 and according to the information on his bio page his insurance and relief fund benefits were paid to his parents. If, as seems almost certain from these facts, he had no children, you can't be a descendant.
Hi everyone - I am related to Captain Smith.My great grandmother Sarah Harris formally Smith was his cousin. Her father was George Smith who was brother to Captain Smith's father Edward.She was special guest of the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress at the showing of the premier Titanic film shown at the Odeon Cinema Hanley,in the 1953,she was over 90 years old then; I have got a photo to prove it!I have been researching the family tree for a number of years and have documentation to prove the connection.I have previously put a post in "Crew Research" with more information on the tree,please look
Hi Michael

I think you are referring to the Mystic Seaport collection of letters. Norma, can access these from Capt.Smith's bio on this site.

Norma, page down on his bio and on the right, you will see related websites. Select 'The Smith letters at Mystic Seaport'. I think there are five letters altogether.