Anywhere to seeread newspaper accounts online

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WOW,what a site)glad i found it.
Question is there anywhere on the internet to see/read the ACTUAL newspaper accounts,(maybe N,Y times or papers in Britian) about the sinking,?
There are a few minor sites with newspaper accounts. Quite a number of brief stories are on this site. Google and ye shall find.

For the whole works, you have to be prepared to spend money. The New York Times and The Washington Post are two papers that I know that sell facsimiles of old stories online. There may be others.

Major libraries have microfilm of old newspapers. Their holdings vary according to their size and location. They can be printed out.

There are also online services that are available only to major libraries. I've used one to read stories from The Times, but I found the indexing unsatisfactory. It didn't turn up stories that I know are there. Enquire at a big library.
hello "Dave" as a newbie spend last 3 hrs here & read what it MAY have been like
A Titanic Chronology (1st-15th April, 1912)
wow,HAVE MAYBE A DOZEN SPECIALS,(programs)including the one where a safe was bought up 7 opened on live tv, plus the newest movie, (this like 9/11 is a PART of history,really a great fascinating site,take care ok, "AA"
Al- if you have the time or are so inclined, there are many links to actual newspaper accounts, on this very site, that have been placed there by people such as myself who take the time and effort in preserving history, and at our own expense (microfilm copies aren't cheap anymore). We copy the actual text (you may notice many [sic's]) and it is linked to parties mentioned in the articles. Those links are located at the bottom of the passenger or crewmembers names. Or you could search by dates and a complete list of articles published on that day will list. I do not believe that their is any other site with this kind of information. This is the one! For full visuals you would have to spend the dough to go to the papers themselves or the individual town and city libraries. Maybe the future will be different, but you always have encyclopedia-titanica from the comfort of your own home - and you can't beat the price!

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are the original newspaper stories printed back in 1912 replicated anywhere on this site? And if not where might they be located? i have had an interest for a while in reading the original headlines/conflicting stories, etc.

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Thanks for that one Matthew! It looks useful, though a bit slow on dial-up. I'm not sure, but it may be only US papers.

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Hhhhhhhmmmmmm.....I agree with Dave. Many thanks Matthew. This one should prove to be exhilarating to absorb.

One question Monica? Had loads of trouble today trying to gain access with the newspaper archives online with The Times. Any ideas on what to do please?


Mark Baber

There are a few more free, online news archives now than there were back in 2008 when we last discussed this question at any length.

Probably the most significant is the Library of Congress's Chronicling America site, where the New-York Tribune's coverage is available, as well as that from some other, less well-known papers.

The national libraries of New Zealand and Australia have each digitized quite a few papers published there in 1912. Australia is at and New Zealand,

The San Francisco Call and a couple of California weekly papers are also available for free, at the California Digital Newspaper Collection site,

Less focused is the Google news archive, , which produces stories from a variety of papers, some free, some not.
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