Approach to the New World or Plymouth Harbour


Jan 6, 2006
Okay, I have a question that I’m not getting out. (I read this in the “Smoking room windows” topic, but I did end want to change to subject so I’m asking this here.)
What is the name now of the painting above the first class smoking room on Titanic?

Approach to the New World or Plymouth Harbour

I always thought “Approach to the New World”. (Like it is said, on the website:
But then I read on another site that it is called “Plymouth Harbour”.
And then I read that it is called Approach of Plymouth Harbour?????

Can you guys help? Because I sure don’t know.

Dave Gittins

Apr 11, 2001
Carl, I believe it's official title is "Plymouth Harbour 1910" or possibly just "Plymouth Harbour". I'm going on what's in "Titanic Voices". A copy by the artist's son is on page 194.

"The Approach to the New World" was in Olympic. It's preserved in Southampton but belongs to Rio Tinto Zinc.

The paintings are very different in mood. "The Approach to the New World" shows a sunset scene and is quite atmospheric. "Plymouth Harbour" is a much plainer morning scene and much less expressive. Both scenes were relevant to White Star. New York was obviously the goal of many of its voyages. On the way back to Southampton, they used to stop at Plymouth so mails and passengers could be taken off and rushed to London by rail.

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