Approaching and retreating Californian explained


Sep 28, 2016
As most of you probably know some witnesses described the Californian approaching and retreating.
Right now there are a few theories that deal with this.

1. There was a mystery ship or two.
2. The Californian was swinging, creating an impression of approaching or retreating.
3. A change in temperature inversion made Californian to appear to be approaching or retreating.

Here's a new one, which is probably explains what really happened: Californian was drifting in eddy.
I know, what you're thinking: eddies are too big, and why if Californian was drifting in an eddy the Titanic that was located a few miles away was not. Here's why. Yes, eddies that are created by the interaction of the Labrador and the Gulf Stream currents are big, but there are another eddies that could be less than 10 km in diameter. These eddies could be both cyclonic and anticyclonic and they are formed in the frontal areas between sea ice and the water. They are well studied and described in many papers.

There is a very good reason to believe that Californian which was stopped on the edge of the ice field got caught in one of them. Drifting in eddy accounts for everything: approaching, retreating, stationary Californian.

Have fun!

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