April 1415 2003

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Hi Matt!

Me too. I usually watch ANTR on that night. Maybe the latest Titanic this year. I sit back with a spot of tea in one of my J.Peterman reproduction First class tea cups. LOL. It is just one of those private things that makes it tough to ask friends over to share. Otherwise people think we "celebrate" the event.

Very well put David. It wouldn't feel right to have people come over. I guess that everyone has there own way to remember that night.


Don Tweed

Of course alot of people will be hurriedly preparing their taxes and running to the post office at the last moment!!!
I also watch ANTR on that day.
Also, can anyone tell me what time it would be Pacific Time when the great lady fell?
Best rguards, Don
"wouldn't feel right to have people over"
Present company excepted of course! LOL.

Some people just don't get it. That's why we all come here I guess!

It's like were one huge family, with the same interest and like you said David "other people just don't get it".

Thanks for the good news, Parks. I suspect it might take a bit longer for Ghosts to be screened here, but it's certainly something to look forward to for the near future.

Matt, Ghosts of the Abyss is quite a special film, a new IMAX documentary by James Cameron, and has been eagerly anticipated for a while now. Anyway, that's the short and simple version - check out the discussions in the Ghosts of the Abyss threads over in the Titanic Movies forum for all the interesting details.
Yippee!!!! Well I know what I will be doing on my birthday! (Sunday, April 13.) As for April 14-15, I will also probably watch one or two Titanic films on one night, maybe one or two documentaries on the second night. My problem is picking from my large collection of Titanic videos! Oh, and I will probably be putting the finishing touches on my dresses for the Newport Tour.

You know, that reminds me of what a group of men at a Baptist church did on that weekend one year. They spent months preparing a special weekend with Titanic as the theme. They sent invitations to their wives to be dressed to the nines on that evening and be ready to be picked up by a certain time. That evening, the wives, not knowing what to expect, were picked up by a limosine and taken to a ballroom (decorated like a first class dining room complete with string orchestra playing minuets from the Edwardian era and lots of flowers). The ladies were announced as "Lady Mary Smith," and her husband appeared in tuxedo to escort her to her table place. After all the ladies were seated, dinner was served and their husbands acted as their personal butlers. When all ladies were served, the men then joined their wives for dinner and afterwards, cleared the tables. Then the husbands returned at the front of the room and the pastor told the story of Titanic and how the men saw their wives and children into the lifeboats and stood back. Each man then testified how much he loved his wife and family and would give his life to save them. It was a very moving and romantic evening, and there was not a dry eye in the room when it ended. The wives all praised their husbands for their wonderful surprise and declared that they should never try to top that because it was absolutely perfect and unforgettable.


Melissa E. Kalson

Hello everyone.. I will probably watch ANTR as well and then when it is over I will pick up my violin and play Nearer My God to Thee and anything else that is fitting as a tribute. Sincerely, Melissa K.
I will watch not only ANTR,But also Titanic'96 and Cameron's Titanic and S.O.S.Titanic. I must admit that I think that Titanic'96 which is the mini-series that originally was broadcast on CBS,is the worst Titanic movie I have ever seen. The only good thing from that film is that Catherine Zeta-Jones is in it. Sincerely,Jerry Nuovo

Anita Casey-Reed

Like most of you, I will probably be watching ANTR to commemorate the occasion. Don's question about the time zones is a good one, though. I know the chronology has Titanic going down about 2:20 am. Did they adjust the clocks on board as they moved across the ocean? If so, what time zone was it in? I would guess it would be about an hour later than the U.S. Eastern time zone, which would make it 10:20 pm for Pacific time, but does anyone know for sure?
I generally read ANTR (unfortunately I don't have the movie
and it's virtually impossible to rent here in town) and I play some ragtime pieces on the piano and some hymns, including Songe de Autumne, as well as Eternal Father strong to save, and (although I don' think it's one of the pieces the band played that night) the English version of Nearer My God to Thee.

However, due to the number of strange looks and sarcastic remarks I get from my family as I demand a minute of silence at 02.20 it would be nice to get together with some real Titanic buffs, anyone who lives in Calgary and is interested in spending the evening talking about titanic feel free to e-mail me and we can arrange to meet.

Karin Kasper

April 14th is my birthday, so I will be going out to dinner that evening with my husband. I will, as always, pause at 11:40pm for a moment and remember...

Peyton Jenkins

I have thought about and would like to have a "Titanic" memorial party that night for me and my friends, but the fact that it's on a weekday night makes it hard. I'll probably end up doing something special by myself... but I don't know what yet.
Well, I just made reservations to attend the 91st Anniversary Reenactment Tour at the Titanic Ship of Dreams museum/exhibit in Orlando. I try to attend every year, and I got some extra time off so I'm going! It's my birthday present to myself. Next year, though, everyone plan to come to West Palm Beach for my 50th blow-out Titanic birthday party, and we can tramp around the county visiting all the places where Titanic survivors wintered after 1912. Costumes will be highly encouraged.


Jason D. Tiller

Well for the weekend of April 12-13, I'll go and see "Ghosts of the Abyss" which will be a birthday present to myself, as my birthday is on the 16th. As for April 14-15, I'll watch ANTR, read a book, listen to some Titanic music and watch Cameron's Titanic. As always, I'll come on here!

Best regards,

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