April 15th - Whom did Rostron Speak to Regarding the Disaster?



Regarding the details of the disaster. Does anyone know what exactly happened after Rostron had completed his rescue operation? Would he summon the surviving officers and Mr. Ismay to his quarters for a full briefing on what exactly happened? Was it Rostron's business to find out what happened and make a report or was it simply curiosity? Is it true that Rostron spoke to Hichens and he was told about the helm orders given or was that something he learned by hearsay afterwards? I can't seem to find the quote that records that encounter.

Lightoller said he spoke to Fleet and made inquiries about the collision. Was he just curious or was he obeying Rostron's orders to find out what happened and making discreet inquiries around the ship so that an official report could be drafted up for the company's records, or were they already thinking about the Titanic Inquiry?

According to the wireless reports Mr. Ismay was "under opiate" but there were several wireless reports regarding Ismay and signed by Ismay e.g. "Mr. Ismay's orders Olympic not to be seen by Carpathia. No transfer to take place." I understand Rostron also discussed their destination with Mr. Ismay and he decided New York was best. Question is - was that before or after Ismay was "under opiate"? I recall a wireless report that was sent by Ismay which detailed the events of the disaster and the official time she sank etc and was signed by Ismay. Is it possible that Ismay was under opiate at that time and Lightoller or Rostron had sent that report themselves and credited it to Ismay to create the impression that he was taking responsibility for the wellbeing of the survivors as the senior representative of the company? i.e. Keeping up appearances, when in reality he was sedated and confined to his cabin?