Aquitania 1929-31

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Jan 5, 2001

Aquitania carried 29,000 passengers in 1929, making her one of the most popular vessels afloat. (Berengaria, the highest, clocked over 36,000 passengers.) With the subsequent depression, her carryings declined to 23,000 in 1931; yet Berengaria crashed to 13,000, Olympic to 14,000, and Majestic went from 34,000 in 1929 to 16,000 in 1931. Presumably Aquitania's major 1929 refitting and modernisation can account for some of this, but generally she hardly seems to have been affected by the times as other vessels were. *Any* explanations, anyone?

One further question: how did she hold up later in the 1930s? She was still doing transatlantic crossings in 1939, and I know she was averaging 400 passengers per crossing early in 1935; I am assuming she recovered somewhat throughout 1935 and then this continued as the economic conditions improved in the west. However, I'm well aware that passenger traffic (and economic recovery) were sluggish even in the late 1930s.

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rob scott

May 4, 2004
so glad I refound this post to reply after the 30 hour reg wait -
thanks so much guys for discussing Aquitania, I know so little on this queen of the seas, look forward to make more time to read more of these msgs, this one is one of my top faves, even though I am now on a mission to become a total expert on Lusitania;
Aquitania had such a lux-crossing career, queen of the 20s then refit in 1929, must have been something, even with depression bookings, just something to cross on Aquitania during the thirties! I would have liked this one (coming from a guy two generations beyond those Atlantic crossers of the swing days)

oh! and! great Britannic site! I know so little of this sister shot down my mine off Athens in 1916 after such a short career, and just think, the passenger crossers just didn't get to enjoy her! (fleet service too soon, war to quick, all that)
;) Aquitania is my "looks fave" so far, what lines! quelle belle! but... must get my mind back into Lusitania now...
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