Aquitania Color Photographs


Steve Anderson

Hello All:

A simple request for information as I am working on a Web-site relating to the History of the RMS Aquitania and Cunard Lines.

I would like to know if there are any additional FULL COLOR PHOTOGRAPHIC IMAGES OF THE AQUITANIA other then the ones listed below:

1.) Stern View 1945 Hull is Grey Funnels Red/orange & Black (Steam and Sail
Collection/Don Smith Collection)
2.) Boat Deck -Four Funnels in Color 1/1949 - Starboard Side (John Blake Collection)
3.) Normandie / Queen Mary / Aquitania - 7/19/39 (Life Maganize)
4.) Aquitania Color Postcard Liverpool 9/1949 (CP Publishing)
5.) Aquitania Color Image leaving for the Breakers Yard - 2/1950 (Illustrated
London News)
6.) Boat Deck - Four Funnels in Color Straborad side (Robert S. Allen Collection)
7.) Boat Deck - Four Funnels in Color Port Side 11/1946 (S. Anderson Collection)
8.) Aquitania on the Stocks - Color Tinted Photographic Image (S. Anderson Collection)
9.) Aquitania in VilleFranche 1930's (Frank Montimer Collection)
10.) Aquitania Four Funnels center aft - 2/1950 (Everett E. Viez Collection)

If anyone is aware of any additional color images of the Aquitania please
contact me privately.


Steven B. Anderson

Ian Bland

Hello Steven

I'm glad that you are also interested in the Aquitania. I've got some good b+w photo's, but nothing colour I'm afraid. I will certainly want to visit your new site when it is ready. I have recently returned from a holiday in Villefranche, so was interested in your photo number 9 in your post.

Steve Anderson


The photograph of Image Number 9 The Aquitania at Villefranche during the 1930's can be found on page 17 of "Famous British Liners 4 SS Aquitania - Cunard's Atlantic Lady" by Neil McCart.

As for the web-site I am working very slowly on it as I haven't found the time to scan and research all the images I have in my collection. Right now I have been working on digitally photographing several of my Aquitania Deck plans, brochures.

greg robertson

Steven, this is one of my favourite images and its currently on Ebay, ending in 5hrs:


Steve Anderson


This is the Number 4 on my list above, and a personal favorite.

It is a photograph By Jonh Blake showing the Aquitania at Southampton in 1948 from the collection of Richard I. Weiss, The Postcard is currently published by C.T. Publishing, P.O. Box 2304, Birmingham, MI 48012

As for another personal favorite of mine from my personnel collection, which I obtained from a prominent ocean liner dealer a few years back.

Aquitania's Boat Deck - S. Anderson Collection