Aquitania II

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I found a picture online of what looks like a Carnival Ship named Aquitania II. True, false?
Somebody is having a bit of fun. I don't recognise the ship, but there is no Aquitania II.

Two ships called Aquitania are in service. One is a 28,337 Dwt German container ship. The other is a Greek cargo ship of 17,373 Dwt. Both are quite new ships.
I Agree W/ Standart. If They Did Have A Aquitania II or 1 being built it should say so on their Web Page. Besides that Most Cunard Ships I See Don't Have That Much Flare To Their Bow or Their Funnels Usually Just Go Staight Up, No Vent Wings on Side.
Didn't Cunard run a few cruise ships of that sort for a time? Not as Aquitania, of course, but under names not ending in 'ia'.
Yeah, there is, although I can't remember what the names of the cruise ships are......

However, I think those ships are much smaller than the size of this Carnival "Aquitania".
Aquitania was one of the greatest ships in Cunard history- I certainly hope the next ship Cunard adds to the fleet (After Queen Victoria) will be an 'Aquitania 2'. Since the QE2 is being pulled froim service,I hope Cunard retrieves Aquitania's bell.....

Kyle Johnstone

Hi Tarn,

We know now that Cunard's next ship after Queen Victoria will be Queen Elizabeth (sans numerical suffix) in 2010.

Word is that she'll be similar in many ways to Queen Victoria.

I'm glad Cunard is dropping the suffix, and if there ever is another Aquitania, they'll see fit to leave it off then as well.

There have been three Caronias and two Laconias, two Franconias and two Mauretanias all without numbers attached. I'm glad the third Queen Elizabeth won't have one, and hope that QE3 doesn't become her common name.

Every indication from Cunard is that QE2's new owners will acquire every single bit of the liner's fittings and furnishings, including the Aquitania's bell.

Apparently the only exceptions will be the Royal Standards from the Queens Room, which of course are the property of the royal family.
Perhaps, sometime between now and 11 Nov. '08, something will change and Cunard will retain the more historic treasures, but, it's not looking likely...
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