Aquitania in an Agatha Christie novel

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Mark Baber

I received the following inquiry from a Great Ships reader. I don't know the answer, but thought someone here might.

I host an Agatha Christie reader group. Recently an older gentlemen attended a meeting and told us a story of sailing on the Aquatania when she was a troop transport. The part of this story that brought him to us was that as he was sailing on the Aquatania, he was reading a Christie mystery that featured the Aquatania. We have serached our American references -- one of our members is rather an expert on Christie and had a suggestion or two -- but we can find no reference to a Christie story in which the Aquatania is featured. Do you have any references that may help us?
Anyone know?
I also read a Poirot book that mentioned an ocean liner called "Olympia". And the Majestic and Mauretania are also mentioned.
The Olympia was the ship transporting a million dollars in bonds for the London and Scottish Bank in "The Million Dollar Bond Robbery." ITV/A&E included it in the Poriot series on television several years ago. The ship was changed in the episode to the maiden voyage of the Queen Mary.
For "The Million Dollar Bond Robbery", the other ship in the story was named the GIGANTIC.

The story was published in 1924.

When I read the ships' names, OLYMPIA and GIGANTIC, I realized Agatha knew that GIGANTIC was the planned name for the 3rd White Star ship, and she took the names of TITANIC's sisters.

Interestingly, in the story, GIGANTIC was the faster of the two ships.
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