Aquitania in Buenos Aires

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Hello, I am of Buenos Aires, I ask myself if somebody the Aquitania can assure me that holdup in the port my City.
THANKS! by the help
Sorry by my ingles
Hi there:
I take it you are asking "Did Aquitania ever sail into your home port".Im not sure myself but someone on here will know and get back to you soon im sure
Hello Mauro,

Looking at the Epilogue Chapter in: Ocean Liners of the Past: Aquitania. I do not see any mention of any visits to Buenos Aires. She is noted as returing from Sydney [Australia] via Rio de Janeiro in 1943.
Going through the old Aquitania Threads.

I found this old Question of did the Aquitania ever call in Buenos Aires. To the best of my knowledge the answer is no as the port was not equipped to handle a liner this size.

Now to go further on this subject the Aquitania did a series of cruises to South America in 1937 and 1938. The Auqitania didn't call in Buenos Aires she called at the port of Montevideo on March 10, 1937 and stayed there until March 15, 1937 with transfer of passengers to Buenos Aires via river steamer. This transfer was included in the cruise rate.

I hope this answers this old question
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