Aquitania machinery

lance king

Feb 5, 2007
i was looking at about the aquitania and it stated that the steam was provided at 195 psi and that it went to one high pressure outboard turbine, then the steam was released at intermediate pressure and sent to an intermediate pressure outboard turbine and then the now low pressure steam was sent to two low pressure inboard turbines. for reverse , high pressure reverse turbines were mounted on the outboard shafts. my question is did the reverse turbines exhaust at intermediate or low pressure, and were they vented into the condensor, or into atmosphere?

Bob Golden

Jun 3, 2007
The steam from each of the outboard high pressure astern turbines exhausted into the adjacent low pressure turbine. This can be seen in drawings in "The Shipbuilder." The plan view of Plate X indicates the exhaust from the outboard HP astern turbine at frame 89. The piping makes two right angle turns and enters the inboard LP astern turbine at frame 86. This piping was located at the Platform level of the engine room. "Engineering" magazine has excellent longitudinal cutaway drawings of the turbines. Steam entering any turbine eventually exhausted to either the port or starboard condenser through a 6 ft. x 15 ft. opening above the corresponding low pressure astern turbine, as shown in Plate VI.

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