Aquitania Postcard Question


Kevin Spaans

Hello all,

I recently purchased two Aquitania postcards to add to my collection. One is B&W art card of her steaming out of port with various smaller vessels around her dated July 12, 1919. The other is a sepia with color art card dated June 20, 1929.

Here is my question. On the back of the second one it states this:

"All well to date. Five hundred miles out. Ship wonderful. Five thousand on board. In haste."

I was wondering if anybody had any ideas as to why there were 5000 people on board? I know that she was only regulated to carry 3263 people, so this leaves me to believe that she was not on a regular run. Perhaps she may have been on a booze-cruise to nowhere out of New York? However this raises the question as to whether or not Aquitania did booze-cruises, as I don't recall reading as such.

If anybody has any theories please feel free to post them, I'm very interested to hear what others think of it.

~Kevin Spaans

Brent Holt

I expect this is a simple mistake by the person who wrote on the postcard. The Aquitania was not certified to carry that many passengers in peacetime.

Kevin Spaans


I think you've got it about right there. After recognizing all of the logistics it would not only be excessive to carry so many people but it would also infringe on safety-at-sea laws, what with the lifeboats onboard fit to carry just over three thousand souls.

The gentleman does mention that he is "in haste", so perhaps he just didn't have time to think of the true number!

In any case, thanks for clearing it up for me.

~Kevin Spaans
Awesom! Just secured a RP postcard via England of Aquitania in drydock. It's not the usual F.P.O. Stuart issue, but it's of intialed J.C.
Just coincidence, I presume, that I own a very scarce RP of Olympic (ex-Hawley trade many yrs. back) in drydock by the same photographer. Anyone that can give me information, or full name, of the photographer JC will be appreciated.

Michael Cundiff