Aquitania schedule 1921

Does anyone have the schedule for the Aquitania in April and May of 1921? Sailing from England to New York. From where would it have departed? What day of the week would the ship leave? What day of the week would it arrive in New York? How many crossings were there a month?
This is for a work of fiction. Thanks ever so much!!!!
Sybil Talmadge

Mark Baber

Aquitania departed Southampton 2 April 1921, arriving at New York on 10 April; 23 April, arriving 30 April; and 14 May, arriving 21 May (with a "volunteer" crew of Directors and office personnel replacing striking stewards).

Source: The New York Times, various dates, 1 April-1 June 1921.
I apologise in advance if bumping this thread is a grave offence, but would anyone know the dates for the Aquitania going in the opposite direction in May and June of 1921?