Aquitania's radial davits - why not Welin's?

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I was wondering why Cunard opted over the radial davits that were installed on the new Aquitania rather than the new and improved Welin Quadrant Davit fitted on the Olympic and Titanic? Why did the designers choose to fit an older style of davit rather than the new improved Welin's?


good question. luckily she wasn't torpedoed during her troopship duties during WW1 & 2, if she was it would have been worse than lusitania, as the Aquitania Main deck was 12 ft higher above the water than Lusitania's.
Welin's company is alive and well and trading as Welin Lambie. They still make davits but of course the old types are history.

As to Aquitania, the Welin davit as used on Titanic was of limited value. Its main advantage was not its supposed ability to handle several boats but the way in which it swung a boat out. The arms were moved by a screw mechanism and if something went wrong while the boat was being swung out, the operators could simply stop work and the boat would stay put. This was handy in a seaway, when the operators might slip and fall. Apparently Cunard was not convinced they were worthwhile.

The older style davits were used for many years. Because there are 'grandfather clauses' in the regulations, there are probably some out at sea today.
If I am not wrong, Cunard started using the swing-out davits only when the Queen Mary was launched.

From early artists' rendition of the Titanic and Olympic (made during the construction) it seems that radial davits were originally planned for them too.
CORRECTION Wrong info above- Cunard's first swing out davits were installed on the single stack liners of the 1920s (I don't know what class its called) which included the Laconia, Scythia, Samaria etc.

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Aquitania did have a pair of Welin davits as fitted to Titanic and Olympic on her stern deck, it appears, though I may be wrong.
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Yes, I think I see it - 2 per davit on each side if my eyes aren't fooling me.....

Anyone have a close-up of that area? Most Aquitania pictures seem to be taken from the bow or top.....
Here is the Aquitania's Welin Davits on the Stern:

Photo (Copyright Everett E. Viez Collection)

[Image deleted for copyright reasons. MAB]
Thanks Greg! Ha, at least I could see there were 2 per davit....

BTW, is this picture real colour taken from her final years or is it colourized (although it looks too good to be colourized)
It just seems strange that they only fitted those two Welin types and the rest with Radials.
Thanks for the photograph Greg! I can see its a slightly improved version than the ones on the Titanic and earlyOlympic.

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