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Paul Lee

Another strange request of mine...

I am aware that a book was published in the last few years detailing Arab survivor's accounts. I have tried emailing the author but her account is no longer active.

If anyone has a copy of the book would they mind doing some checking for me? I am performing some research into
the manner in which Bruce Ismay managed to escape; accounts vary from him pushing his way
into a lifeboat; to being bundled into the boat by an officer; to simply slipping aboard while the boat was being lowered.

I was wondering if any of the accounts
spoke of Ismay's escape, or any commotion during the loading and lowering of the lifeboat;
or any shots being fired, or indeed, any details at all.

Thanks for any help

Best wishes


Hi Paul,
There are only two books that discuss this topic, both written by men. They are:

Moses, John G. From Mt. Lebanon to the ‘Sea of Darkness’ (Min Jebal Libnaan ila Bahr il Mu’attim). Utica, NY: published by the author. 2000. wraps. isbn: none.

Thomas, Joseph L & as told by Anna Thomas. Grandma Survived the Titanic. 1st printing. Victoria, B.C.: Trafford Publishing. April, 2002. wraps. isbn: 1553694163.

It has been awhile since I read these books, but I do not remember any significant commentary about Ismay in either.

all the best, Michael (TheManInBlack) T
I think Paul may be referring to Leila Elias. Last I heard her book on the Lebanese passengers was 'with a publisher' but I don't think it has appeared in print - Michael is the man who would know.
Actually, I don't know. I will do some digging and see if the book ever made it into print. Far as I can determine it has not. Will post if I find out any further details either way.

all the best, Michael (TheManInBlack) T
I think that the book that is being referred to is Michel Tanios Karam's "The Lebanese in the Titanic", a 275-page hardcover book published in Arabic in Dakkash, Beirut, in 2000.

I have tried to contact booksellers in Beirut for a copy of this book, but to no avail so far.

If anybody has the book and can provide the contact information of the author, it would be much appreciated.


Paul Lee

Perhaps it might be best not to enquire too deeply about this book. This is some blurb I grabbed off the net:

When the luxurious Titanic was launched in 1912 in a big ceremony at its shipyard, its captain and manufacturers described it as the only sinking proof vessel that would never founder. Nevertheless the Atlantic had another word to say when the big liner collided with an iceberg and plunged to the seabed on April 15, 1912 and sank in the big ocean with its 1516 passengers.

The last book about it “Lebanese in Titanic” published in Beirut by its author journalist Micheal Karam confirmed this theory.

Surprisingly, the writer attributed the sinking of the ship to Pharaohs curse. He said that the curse of the mummy princess “Amn Raa” which was hidden in the ship secretly was behind the disaster.

The mummy had incantations written on it,”Wake up from your coma, a look from your eyes is enough to triumph over what was committed against you”, the writer cited as the evil omen.



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