Archaeological database on the Titanic wreck

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Jan 7, 2002
As a grad student with plans on procuring degrees in archaeology and nautical archaeology, I was very interested to hear the 2 nautical archaeologists on the Cameron expedition (on Discovery) say that the footage of the areas fillmed inside Titanic, and of contents therof may be assembled into an archaeological database.
Such a datasbase would be invaluable reference guide for any future endeavors to explore Titanic's interior
Funny, in my communications with some people in the nautical archaeology community, some would react with skepticism to my belief that Titanic should be explored and documented in an archeological manner- there does seem to be a curious prejudice against ships from the age of steam in the nautical archcaeology community...
I am hoping that the nautical archaeology comnmunity will embrace Titanic, and I will not be one of the few in the field whose main focus will be Titanic...
Titanic will be the focus of my studies, period.
I eagerly await the creation of this database, and do hope future expeditions can continue to add to the database, and document the changes seen within Titanic over the coming years.


Tarn Stephanos

Boston MA
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