Architects and Edwardian Ocean Liners

Merry Christmas.

I saw in the 1970 reprint of the Shipbuilder for the Aquitania that a Glaswegian Architect, James Miller designed he sumptuous interiors. I think they may have been conceived with going one up on the Olympic and Titanic as things like the Egyptian swimming pool are just breath takingly gorgeous. Miller also designed the interiors for the Lusitania seven years before. countless buildings designed by him can be seen around Glasgow and the west of Scotland. You can see some similarities with the insides of the ships he designed.

Which leads me to wonder: did an architect oversee the interior design of the Olympic and titanic? I read recently that a building in Glasgow's west end was designed by an architect called Charles Wilson. I heard that someone of the same name at least carved the Honour and Glory clock on the GSC. Can anyone provide more info?



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