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Mar 25, 2019
Glasgow, Scotland
Whether these two interviews with the late Jack Grimm will interest anyone I don't know but I'll put them here in case anyone is.

The first one is an NBC interview (7m 23s) of Grimm and his expedition partner Mike Harris (is he still alive ?) from 1980. Harris comes across quite well I thought. The chap conducting the interview couldn't sound more disinterested if he tried.

And this second video (28m 54s) is by Abilene Christian university in 1985 shortly after the wreck was discovered by Ballard & Nargeolet.

Sorry but that picture definitely ain't a propeller !

Grimm makes some rather odd claims such as the ship having sixteen bells, the Titanic being the third most written about event in history, the old chestnut that they should have hit the berg head on and that they were trying to break a speed record.

I must say I really did not care for his tone when it came to salvage and his obsession with the pursers safe. The fact that over 1500 people died a cruel, horrific death in the ship's sinking doesn't really seem to matter at all to him. It's all about the "treasure" for him.

Thoughts ?
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