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So it's Christmas and who doesn't have a wish list. Suppose we had unlimited cash, H&W at our disposal and Mewes and Davis for interiors? What do we want? First on my wish list is 900 feet, 58,000 tons, no plastic and vinyl and portholes that really open. What else do we need?

Rolf Vonk

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About 300 miljonaires, 700 immigrants, lots of food and Kate Winslet, I guess!!

Greetings Rollie
Hi, Shelley:

At the risk of being greedy, I personally would like Mr. Morgan's accomodations -- especially the private promenade part. But I'd settle for a 1912 Renault to drive off in!

Oh, and the original swimming bath was a nice idea, but -- if possible -- could we shoot for an Olympic-sized pool (strange pun, eh?) up on the Boat Deck with a nice tanning apron all around? (Of course, the lifeboats stay!!!)

And if there is any chance of tempting fate, could we put some Evinrude outboards on those boats? After all, this *is* the 21st Century (well almost, if ya wanna get technical about it) -- who the heck wants to row?? (And y'know, a recreational jet ski port off one of the gangways would be super!!)

Oh, and stewards are nice, but (blatantly sexist humor -- sorry), couldn't we have "Bunnies" instead??
(Maybe Chippendale stewards for the ladies?)

Last but not least, the resaurants -- every one of them -- must absolutely supply Maureen's famous cheesecake on demand!

Very Merry Cheers!
John Feeney
Santa- bring me a masseuse like Maude Slocum, a dinner companion like Molly Brown, heated towel bars, real linen napkins and the White Star Delft pattern china, a real nice library with leatherbound books, a fireplace and stained glass windows, bouillion in fancy cups on the promenade
deck, a teak and cane deckchair and steamer rug, NO casinos!! NO DISCOS! What else? We've got BIG bucks to spend?
John, If I get my own personal chippendale steward the White Star Line can have my cheesecake recipe on demand anytime!

Shelley, And my masseuse better be named Geunter or Raphael or something like that. I would want a table with Thomas Andrews, the Thayers, Captain Smith, Murdoch and I would want the cabins nearest the officers quarters so that I could ask a lot of questions. (The horror-dream of every ships maaster...the woman who wishes to remain on the bridge and ask questions) I would have a sketch pad like the fictional Jack Dawson and would hope that they had an art store aboard to replenish my supplies. I would be carrying fine art back to a museum and writing a story for publication in a ladies magazine about the ship and its first voyage.
MO- we would not actually need Raphael as Randy would be our travel companion! I also want a string quartet, High Tea, my own French maid, my fox terriers in my cabin with an eager steward to walk them ondeck, a lady's writing room with NO men (they can smoke stinky cigars in the smokingroom,) a nice boutique to shop and spend my millions, a sauna, heated pool, shuffleboard, silly games and a Masked Ball (I will come as Cleopatra with asp), piano recital and recitation of Flight of the Bumblebee on Sunday afternoon, a hymn sing, a tour of the ship with the Captain, and breakfast brought to my cabin. What else?
Good stuff John!

And we can smoke as many as we like in OUR part of the ship!

Do any of you gentlemen care to share a magnum of Latour 1874 with me.

Now that's aromatic! :)
It's a superb wine, Michael, pre-phylloxferra and stil full of life

Of course, you will have to depend on the goowill of us Euros to sort out your cigars!!!

Can you just imagine it ..................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Somehow I stopped trusting men who smiled as they walked and carried large humidors a while back, but I don;t want to be sent off to the women's only writing room...want to find out some things and ask lots of questions of the guys.

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