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Shelley - that sounds delightful, and may I suggest the quartet refrains from playing Bartok etc. As refined people we must insist on Haydn!

You realise that I shall be keeping a close eye on naughty Miss Smith and the caddish Mr. Feeney
in case i miss any fun! :)

Yes - black hull, and to keep it practical the ship must be coal powered. Bring on Rea's Coalies!
Hello all!

Sorry to digress, but my dream date on my dream ship would have to be the Countess of Rothes and my dream date from the dream film of the sinking of my dream ship (phew!) would have to be Honor Blackman (she never looked better than in ANTR)!

What about yous (as we say in Belfast!)?


My vote's on the black hull too. That ghastly green Cunard tried out is something they can keep.

Gotta have the Library too. Internet connections would be nice so we can keep in touch with our chums on the beach.

Michael H. Standart
No Internet! No casinos, slot machines, telephones, cell phones, laptops, electric razors, hot curlers, blow dryers, toaster ovens, curling irons, - we are true Romantics designing the real dream here- with no contemporary distractions. No boom boxes, televisions, tape recorders, discos, floor shows Vegas Style( GAG), noisy distractions, ship photographers (double ugh),micro, mini, ultra suede, hip-hop beebop, rap, punk, vinyl, plastic, instant potatoes- cheapie pseudo, semi, bulletproof polyester anything. No dayglo, easycare, drip-dry, permanent-press, fake, phoney, cubic zirconium, styrofoam, synthetic, low-cal, no-cal, substitute, Sweet and Low, artificial, simulated, reproduction, canned, rehashed, refried, dehydrated, imitation, NOTHING! And that's my 2 cents worth here aboard the RMS Romantic.
So Mr. Brannigan- I am to be displaced by the Countess of Rothes? ! WELL (highly indignant with chignon quivering)- I will dine with Mr. Gracie who can be relied upon in an emergency- just ask Mrs. Candee.
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