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Christmas dinner lethargy is no excuse for missing a brisk walk round the decks!

You and I shall be the first members of the the eminent Ms. Dziedzic's coterie, ensuring she is protected from the likes of Mr. Feeney, who by all accounts "is immersed in the North Atlantic Poker Company" (say no more)

I'm sure, like me and our illustrious fellow designers, that you will not include a figurehead in your dream design. The press ("Titanic Voices...") of the time longed for the good old days, but whatever happened to Imperator's monstrous carbuncle - I know she lost it, but how?

First definitive answer gets a bottle of Chateau Palmer 1976, cos xmas has been so good!

Tell me how to post it too, cos one of you is bound to get it!!
Must have definitive, documented evidence of claim on this page!! If I run out, I'll get you something better!

I've tried this stuff, it is heaven!!!!

Enter Phil!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Big Bird got its wings clipped in a heavy swell and it looked so dreadful, the rest of the sad carcass was removed. Cough up the bottle!!
which heavy swell, and where? Give me references etc. I'm not playing hard to get but I wanna see you guys shift!!!

Come on Shelley, nearly there!!!

Tracy Smith

Heavy swell and poker.......hmmmm
Indeed, Tracy! And here my good name's being besmirched by folks who but thinly veil their own tempestuous lusts with phrases like "lay an extremely passionate Countess" and "I must have at LEAST triple screw"! (And something about ... a quadruple would be a honey?)

Why, I never! (But I'd like to.)
Not open for further replies.