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Michael H. Standart

Michael H. Standart

I may give it a looksee sometime, though not tonight. I've a strange shift tomorrow and have to get to bed early.
Michael H. Standart

Michael H. Standart

From The Contra Costa Times:

Queen Victoria cruise not as stately as Queen Marys

The anecdote has been rattling around Cunard Line for decades, with plenty of debate as to its veracity. It concerns how the original Queen Mary got its name.

Cunard's ships had always been distinguished by the "ia" at the end of their names €" Mauretania, Lusitania, Carpathia. In 1934, speculation ran rampant that the next ship would be christened Victoria, the first in the line to be named after British royalty.

Ken Behrmann, a ship's officer and occasional tour guide on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, relates the tale: "The director (of Cunard White Star) went to King George V and said, 'We'd like to name the ship after the most gracious queen England has ever known.' And George V said, 'My wife will be pleased.'"

And thus, supposedly, the grandest ocean liner of its day came to be named not for a monarch who presided over a sweeping empire but for the obscure consort of a king.

"Some people swear it's true," said Behrmann. "Others say of course not."
Full and somewhat lengthy story at

trevor william sturdy

She arrives here in Sydney on the week-end. I will get down to see her, but wont go to lengths I did to greet the QM2 on her visit.....