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Mr. Feeney

Your capacity for "double entendre" is unparalleled in the history of Titanica!

Hail to the veritable Jay Yates of the 21st century!! ;-)

(blush) Thank you, Sir. I'm am flattered! (I thought Tracy did rather well with that "swell and poker" pun, too.)

(Hey, Sam. I don't know if you missed it -- or maybe I missed your response. But on the "Christmas on Titanic" thread, did you ever finally elaborate on what "mulled" wine is? The suspense has been killing me. Thanks.)

Boys- boys... behave. Am off to count the waves which clipped the wing- stay tuned and stay out of trouble before Phil sends you to your room.
"In an effort to make the Imperator more impressive than she already was and incidentally to enhance her length in the record books, a forward- thrusting two-ton bronze eagle with imperial coronet was set up on her prow. Stylish in the Prussian taste but hardly appropriate to a great liner whose mission was to join hands across the sea, this assignably angry figurehead emanated menace wherever its beak was pointed until shortly into her SECOND season, at the height of a spring gale, the big bird was shorn of both wings and later removed entirely." Page 35 GRAND LUXE by Brinnin and Gaulin- a must- have for your shelf. Now cough up the bottle!
A bowsprit -yes a figurehead for our Designer Ship. What could it be? NO, NOT KATE WINSLET wearing the Heart of the Ocean and ONLY that!!Something in scale and elegant. Since she is British registry (of course) and a British crew (of course) maybe Britannia? With helmet and shield? Or is that Columbia Gem of the Ocean? Brits- help out here- I only know about Miss Liberty!
Hey, there

There needs to be a shipboard branch of Lucile's of Paris so that Mme. Aubart and Maybelle Thorne and even expectant Madeleine can buy some sexy mid-ocean additions to their lingerie collection. Lady Duff herself might even pop in to do fittings from time to time & give her advice on this & that, like the naughty suggestions she once gave actress Billie Burke during a fitting in NY:

"A girl should always dress with lots of little bows and ribbons so that a man will want to undo them one by one...The sweet freshness of nighties will always make a man want to know the wearer a little better..."

Of course, we'll have to hope her Ladyship is in a good humor as we wouldn't want a repeat of an occasion at the Hanover Square branch when a client walked in wearing a hat made by a competitor and milady jibed: "Hiding your light under a bushel, eh?"

So Sir Bigham, will there be a men's department in this establishment where a young lady can buy a very large red bow for her man to strategically place for his undoing?

Just curious?
Mo- you've been hanging around with Tracy! You two need chaperons aboard our ship. Now go retire to the ladies' writing room and write Auntie a nice postcard,then have a bracing turn around the deck and get ready for the hymn-sing. Tomorrow will be the shuffleboard tournament and piano recital. You can play the Minute Waltz in 55 seconds and be taken in to tea. What fun!
Mo, dear

I expect a haberdashery is in order but what I think you really are looking for is an "International Male" catalog. Only I think that line opts for leaving off the bow, large or otherwise!


PS) I second Shell's recommendation to join Miss Tracy in writing Auntie so as to keep yourselves out of trouble; unescorted ladies must be ever careful lest a dangerous adventure result. If a nice decent letter home doesn't do the job, then by all means quell your momentary delirium with tea! That always seems to help!
No Louis XIV!

Louis XVI or neo-classical is fine.

Maybe Empire.

Regency's all right.

Victorian, never!

Edwardian,yes indeed.

Art Deco, so-so.

Modern's ok.
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