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Hi Ernie, When I was last aboard the QM2 last June she was able to sail from the Brooklyn dock without tugboat assistance.I wonder how the weather will be like next November 1st when I'm aboard the QM2 again for a voyage that will be a 7 night Eastbound crossing to Southampton, A 2 night cruise to and from Cherbourg and then a 7 night Westbound crossing to New York. Regards,Jerry
>>Sounds as if the prevailing wind conditions can cause problems occasionally.<<

Indeed they can, and it can be a lot worse if they take it on the beam. Take a look at the massive almost cliff like sides of the ship. It makes for a lot of sail area.
From CruiseIndustryNews:

5/18/10 - Cunard Welcomes 2009 Tribeca Film Festival "Best Documentary" Winner

Cunard, operator of The Most Famous Ocean Liners in the World, will welcome Tribeca Film Festival award-winning documentary filmmaker Marshall Curry aboard Queen Mary 2 on the 8 August Transatlantic Crossing from New York to Southampton.
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From Maritime Matters:

“Mr. Ocean Liner Premiere” Aboard QUEEN MARY 2

The day began a bit early as my New York-based friend Rob Di Stefano and I hopped into a cab from Houston St. to Battery Park to witness the maiden arrival of NCL’s new behemoth, the NORWEGIAN EPIC. At 153,000 gt, she is the largest cruise ship to berth at Manhattan’s passenger terminal and an exciting, innovative vessel that promises to be one of the year’s most talked about. The weather and lighting were simply perfect as the squared off apparition passed the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and the Hoboken skyline, begging for a proper fireboat salute. A lone helicopter swirled overhead, following her up to her mid-Manhattan berth. More on the EPIC in the next blog as I join the ship for a two night inaugural cruise tomorrow…
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Comment: Don't be deceived by the opening photograph. This really is about the QM2. [edit to correct embarrassing typo]
>>.This really is about the QE2<<<

Or the QM2 even.
From The Daily Mail:

Briton, 91, and his 82-year-old wife ordered off QM2 cruise ship after expletive-ridden row over 'anti-Semitic' remarks

A wealthy Briton and his Broadway show producer wife were ordered off the Queen Mary 2 cruise ship after an alleged fight with another passenger at a black-tie dinner.
Frederick Evans, 91, and Gloria Sher, 82, were told by the captain to leave at the next port following what was said to be an expletive-ridden row over anti-Semitic remarks.
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Comment: Can you say "Public relations disaster?"

I knew you could!

Of course, there are two sides to this story and this source is being fair in pointing it out.
Really, Joe. I am surprised at you using the term "crazy" in this context. Take a moment to re-read the article.

It is a classic example of REALLY POOR PUBLIC RELATIONS SPIN JOURNALISM. Fair? Far from it.

You may note, as I have, that the article goes out of its way to point out irrelevant details about the woman in question. Does the fact that her EX HUSBAND produced an adult film have anything at all to do with the fight? Does the fact that she makes weird claims about her current husband's parentage? You will note, as I have, that her adversary has not been identified, nor have similar irrelevances been introduced regarding him.

She behaved in "cantankerous" fashion according to "other passengers?" Okay, whoa re these passengers and why are they not quoted from? Did the reporter meet with them, or is he taking Cunard's word for it? The article does not say.

And, maybe you'll notice that "cantakerous" is a soft and fuzzy form of the term "pushy" that is usually used when Jews assert their right not to be offended. Its the equivalent of "bitchy faggot." No one likes being called that.


You damned well know that if the fight hadn't happened as described, Cunard would be trumpeting the fact that "Witnesses in the dining room agreed that the fight broke out when the antagonist grabbed the last salt roll in the basket, and no such slur was uttered." Yet, there is no such passage in the article, which strongly suggests that the man DID make the remark.

Under the circumstances,

>Miss Sher, who is Jewish, was appalled and apparently said back: ‘F*** you!’ and ‘How dare you insult me!’ before storming off to her stateroom.

Does not seem crazy at all. It seems understated, since if the equivalent remark was made to me the guy would be extracting his teeth from his own colon~ which is as far down his throat as my fist would likely reach.

The article is also silent on whether the man was ejected for making a horrendously offensive remark. Was he? One suspects that he wasn't.

So, what we have established here is that if you a are on a Cunard ship and someone slurs you, you are supposed to be a good Uncle Tom and take it. Smile, laugh it off, after all you are 91 and not likely to give us much more business anyway. AND that embarrassing details about you will appear in the press.

I say Brava to her for asserting her right not to be insulted, and hope that she walked off the ship with her head held high.

I have forwarded my thoughts on this, and this link, to as many anti-defamation groups as I can find. And, I hope that a big hearty "kcuF you, how dare you insult me" is blown back in Cunard and Warner's face.

Joe Russo

There is no excuse for the alleged comment from the other guest, but from all of the articles and also posts from alleged witnesses, the couple were disruptive several times leading up to the disciplinary action so it would appear to be a case of "the straw that broke the camel's back" for the captain. Alcohol abuse would be assumed as the couple were sequestered in their cabin for the remainder of the leg "without access to alcohol." Maybe "crazy" was too general a word to describe her. Perhaps "histrionic sauce-soaked granny" is a better headline ;)

This woman's whole backstory is wonderfully trashy. I see a TV movie being made with Sylvia Miles playing her (Sharon Stone can play her in the first half of the story when Mr. Sher is producing the porno movies). Better yet, let's just follow her around with a camera and make it a reality show. I couldn't look away watching the news reports on her, she's a battle-ax! I for one would have loved to see this liquored-up old train wreck at the piano night after night (beats Cunard's scheduled cruise ship entertainment), but I imagine that the guests in Queen's Grill Lounge didn't have my affinity for camp.
Joe.....this isnt a soap opera, and whether or not her backstory is trashy does NOT alter in the slightest the fact that

~The article was one sided
~The article does not mention whether or not the man who made the Jewish slur was also ejected.
~Posts on other websites from alleged "witnesses" are about as reliable as tea leaves and table tipping as sources of evidence. Had these disturbances been written about online BEFORE the remark was made, and the case became notorious, then there would be a leg to stand on. Since those other sites are populated by what we derisively refer to as "Cunard Queens' there is a second strike going against those sources.

One must ponder for a moment from whom the reporters are getting their information. That would be Cunard.

Making comments about her background, and inane pop culture references about made for TV films, is just plain wrong. Whether she is a drunk, a 'train wreck' or had a strange first husband has nothing to do with the fact that Cunard has evidently taken the side of a passenger who made a remark that in many cities would be borderline "hate speech" over that of a passenger he offended.

If being a drunken emotional train wreck gave people the right to insult you, and gave Cunard the right to expel you, would not the gay crossings quickly go out of business? They are hardly models of sobriety, maturity, and decorum and one suspects that a non-gay passenger remarking "too many faggots on this crossing," AND MEANING IT, would tend to cause offense. And, just try substituting "the N word" into this scenario, and see how well it would play out.

I took the time to tip off the Anti-Defamation League, B'Nai Brith and several other groups.
As Antisemitism is at it's highest since the days prior to the last World War I find this disturbing. I find it even more disturbing that the reporter goes out of his way, like Jim mentioned, to point out her ex-husbands past. I would also like to know what happened to the man who made the remark. I'm glad I wasn't there, I would of been asked to leave the ship, too.
I haven't read any of the blogs but if what is alleged was said it was obviously distasteful to say the least. However, let's not go overboard - none of us were there were we?

Cunard have a responsibility to their other paying customers who in my experience have been extremely nice people and if the Captain deemed it fit to take action because of continual disruptive and abusive behaviour to other passengers, then good for him.
We are talking about the Daily Mail, a UK tabloid, I believe. Taloids are effluent, end of story.

The F bomb in that setting would have really gone down like a lead Zeppelin. I agree with Jim about the comment that sparked the event even without minority cross references including one that would have me spitting fire.

When I read past the banner I was surprised to learn it wasn't the offender who wasn't being disciplined. I hope a more reliable version of this sees the light of day.

P.S. ET wouldn't permit my original descriptive of Tabloids. A hint: it was a short form of the man who invented the WC