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Mike Herbold

Dec 13, 1999
This 1989 movie is based on the Clive Cussler novel of the same name. It's the tale of the Cold War era search for a rare mineral that was originally mined by Americans on a Soviet island in the Arctic and shipped to America on the Titanic. The only way to get the minerals, which are more powerful than plutonium, to the surface is to raise the Titanic.

This being a movie, it's naturally easier for the US Navy, aided by Cussler's perennial superhero Dirk Pitt, to raise the whole ship than it was for RMS Titanic to raise the "Big Piece." The underwater shots are very similar to those later done by Cameron.

Good Saturday night entertainment. Rent it or buy it. Running Time: 114 minutes.


Not a totally satisfactory film.
Storyline and acting are weak.
And as we know now, the whole idea of
refloating the ship is impossible.

Still, I love that scene!


Mar 30, 1997
The Titanic came up way too fast. It would have drifted very slowly to the surface and sat very low in the water. Of course that wouldn't have been as spectacular as having it burst out like a runaway submarine as it did in the movie. I doubt that the lanyard at the stern would have been in working order either, when that man hung the old flag on it. The scenes where he walked through the interior were very spectacular though, with the remnants of former grandeur and the seawater running off everything.

Paul Rogers

Jun 1, 2000
West Sussex, UK
I'd like to say that the Clive Cussler book, upon which the film was based, was extremely good. The film was a bit of a disappointment.

However, even if the film had stuck rigidly to the book, Cussler made some fundamental errors concerning the sinking, even bearing in mind that Titanic hadn't been found when it was first published.

However, for pure escapism, get the book and forget the film!



Elaine Barnes

Hi All,
I have also read the book and agree it was very interesting. I didn't see the movie just because the film version of the book is usually not as good as the book. I read it prior to the discovery of the wreck and, at the time,it made me hope that someday we could raise her.

Michael Salvona

Hi MIKE having seen the film and read the book. I must say the book though it still has its dodgy bits was entertaing reading. Much more in depth than the film but then books usually are. Also i just managed to get the complete film score by JOHN BARRY for RAISE THE TITANIC most of the music sounds the same. But its worth it just for the tune when she comes out the water. Its on cd SILVERSCREEN RECORDS film cd 319
Aug 29, 2000
The classic line here is when Anne Archer declares "I just can't put the wormie on the hookie."(Raise the Titanic) But Dirk Pitt is a hunk (Isn't the actor who played him dead now?) and David Selby fresh from Dark Shadows looked pretty good too. EVERYTHING John Barry touches is pure gold- what a theme! I wonder what happened to that big model of the T-last I heard it was in Malta rusting away. Speaking of John Barry- 1912 lovers will like Somewhere in Time- soundtrack also by Barry -Jane Seymour and Chris Reeve in a time travel 1912 fantasy-some good costumes there.
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