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Ardella Alice Christie

Discussion in 'Passenger Research' started by michele sawyers, Feb 11, 2019 at 8:34 PM.

  1. I'm sorry, I didn't know how else to enter into the discussion. I'm in need of information about my paternal great great grandmother. Her name was Ardella Alice Christie b. November 1868 in Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada. - d. April 15, 1912 on Titanic. Though she is not listed on the manifest. I'm looking for her grave so as to find definitive proof of what happened. Can anyone help? I would so appreciate it. Thanks. And if so, would it be too much trouble to send word also through my email? (just in case I can't locate this site again) I'm old school and not very computer literate. Thank you.
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  2. Her last name may even be under Atwood. Christie is her maiden name.
  3. SmileyGirl

    SmileyGirl Guest

    Hi Michele, I hope you get the info you need and I’m sorry about your ancestor.
  4. Dave Gittins

    Dave Gittins Member

    G'day, Michele!

    I'm sorry to say that she is not on any passenger or crew list. These lists are quite accurate, having been checked for many years. I don't care what ancestry.com says, you simply have a family legend. Such things are common. Where I live, down under, we have two false crewmen, plus somebody of unknown status who allegedly died on Titanic. World wide, there must be hundreds of fictitious stories.

    I suggest a search of local papers at around the time of her claimed death.
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  5. Arun Vajpey

    Arun Vajpey Member

    There is no mention of Ardella Christie or Atwood on the Titanic passenger or crew list.

    As she is your ancestor, can you find out where she was living at the time the Titanic sailed in her maiden voyage? Had she retained her Canadian citizenship or changed it after marriage? If she married a Mr Atwood, someone in your family might know about his details and that might help to work out how and why Ardella was in Europe at the time, which she would have to be to have the possibility of being a passenger on the Titanic.

    One theoretical possibility is that she could have died on Monday 15th April 1912 elsewhere but as it was the same day as the Titanic sank, someone somewhere made a mistake and assumed that she was a passenger on board the ship.
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