Are Daniel Allen butler & David Butler the same author

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Are Daniel Allen butler & David Butler the same author? just wondering cause i have seen books by both on ebay, and dont want to buy both books if their both the same author. from what i have heard whether i use david or daniel butler is that both books are controversial, that does not bother me as i enjoy the controversial books, though i also read other lusitania books for facts mainly Des Hickey and Gus Smith, Baily and Ryan, Hoelhing, Lauriat, Preston, Ballard.

Thanks for letting me know. from what ive heard about dans book it is just as controversial as simpsons book, this true? not that it would bother me if it was controversial, i like the controversial books, though a reminder for all who read about lusitania, read Baily and Ryans, Prestons, Hoehlings, O'Sullivans, and Sauders (Heaven't read his book yet, but from what i've heard its not controversial and that sauder is 1 of the leading lusitania historians) books first, otherwise you might end up brainwashed if you read butlers or simpsons book first, and if you do read simpsons book get the 1st edition, the later editions while still controversial, turn the heat down a little when it comes to lusitania being a warship.

I have both Butler books and while i question the non fiction book I also like the novel.

th non fiction book seems to invent ie

- The crew lift to the forward boiler room that stalls. i didn't know that the Lusi had these.
- the port bridge wing being shattered by the first explosion.

the novel I enjoyed for it's own sake and on this basis I recommend it. It creates plausable situations of dialogue that add layers of immediacy to the facts that we know of. Sure it buys into some of the errors of Simpson et al. but
over all it was worth the $15. that I paid for it.


Hi Jesse,

I've not read Dan Butler's Lusitania book, but from what I've heard it does lean heavily on some other pubished works. That said, I doubt if one of those is Simpson's, as Dan does strike me as a careful historian (his Unsinkable is a good history of Titanic and well referenced).


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