Are icebergs still a threat to shipping in the North Atlantic?

Oct 28, 2000
It would be wonderful if you could send a wrecker out to see for the purpose of moving an iceberg around. But, reality is to provide current information to mariners and let them make prudent decisions.

How big a hook would you need to latch onto an iceberg?

-- David G. Brown
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Dave Gittins

Mar 16, 2000
Icebergs are quite commonly towed away when they endanger oil rigs. The don't have to go far, just enough to go clear of the rig.

Using icebergs for water has been much talked about, including here in dry old Australia, but it's never been done on a large scale. Water from bergs is regularly collected in places like Canada. Methods include towing small bits away and shooting lumps off bergs with heavy rifles. Don't ask the price of the resulting water.

As to shipping danger, ships still occasionally hit bergs. A few years ago a small cruise ship was sunk by one in Antarctic waters. I have a photo somewhere of a ship with a big hole in her bulb bow after hitting a northern berg.
Nov 14, 2005
I didn't know that about the oil rigs...interesting. Thanks. The scheme I remember was something about getting them to places like Bermuda, Virgin Island ect. But I don't know if thats right or if they even have a fresh water problem. I also remember a scheme to make an aircraft landing platform made of ice and sawdust the allies wanted to use for anti submarine patrols during WW2. Supposedly if you mix sawdust in the ice it will last a very long time before melting. It was to be an ice aircraft carrier/base for sub hunters. They dreamed up all kind of stuff during the war.

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