Are there any teachers out there

Dec 29, 2006
I used to teach technical English to Arab students at Oxford Air Training School. We occasionally mentioned the Titanic — together with other famous ships such as the Bounty. The Libyan Arab Airline students seemed to be quite interested in the USS frigate Philadelphia, although (oddly) they had little idea that it was a sailing vessel. The most satisfying students to teach were the Iraqi Air Force, who had a particular interest in British military history (possibly because they had been taught by Pakistani instructors who had themselves been taught by former Indian Army personnel).
Sep 26, 2009
I taught Junior High science and H.S, and College physics. I used to give guest lectures to English classes who had the literature book with Hansen Baldwin's story about the Titanic. I prepared a special presentation for home school students called "Project Circe" where I used an interactive CDI player with a Titanic disk narrated by Patrick Stewart on the Titanic where the students told me where to go in the Titanic saga. I was invited to my University's alumni day to give a special program on the Titanic about ten years ago when Cameron's movie was in the public eye. One summer at a school for gifted students, we prepared a short course all about the Titanic, where the students made their own china, prepared Titanic newspapers, and I gave a slide lecture and brought my coal. I made an offer to give each student a tiny bit of coal, so my coal piece has been whittled down! Robert H. Gibbons

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