Are there any Titanic passengers about whom nothing is known

Feb 14, 2011
I am interested in the Titanic herself, as opposed to the people who sailed her. It appears as if the general bios of just about all the Titanic's passengers have been assembled over the years, but I suspect there must have been a few in third class whose life story remains a mystery. Were there any 1st or 2nd class passngers about whom nothing is known?

Many thanks

Tarn Stephanos
May 8, 2001
Tarn. I will take a crack at the answer. There are VERY few people that have not been completely documented by Phil and Brian. Gosh, maybe all of 10, but places like Addis Ababa, aren't the easiest to get to. (Unless you are Lex Luthor).
Now comes the painstaking chore of choosing which photos to use for this greatly anticipated book, and which ones will have to sit in files, but that is all I dare say at the moment.


angela davie

help does anyone no any think about william james albert smith age 37 and his wife ellen ann smith age say that they died on the titanica i have there marriage certificate .cant find death certificate.they were my grate grand parents.please help mary.

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