Are there any young writers between 12 and 18


Cristina Sasse

I just want to know if there are any teens who are writers, too. I am and I'm 14.
Crissy ;))
Jan 5, 2001
I'll put my hands up. Whether or not I am -- or want to be -- a professional 'writer' is questionable, but I am certainly an enthusiastic amateur.

With regard to age, I think a meritocratic approach to assessing any text is invaluable, rather than age and/or experience alone. You can do anything if you try hard enough, no matter how many hurdles you have to jump on the way, or how long you have to wait.

Best regards,

Jan 31, 2001
While I have no plans to make it my profession, I do write a lot. I enjoy writing songs and short horror and science fiction stories. I also love anything dealing with ghosts and the unknown, and I'm a die-hard history lover. If I ever write a book, it would be on supposed hauntings of local historic locations. Call me strange, but I think it's a great topic.

Jason D. Tiller

Aug 20, 2000
Niagara Falls, Ontario
Hi Brandon,

"If I ever write a book, it would be on supposed hauntings of local historic locations. Call me strange, but I think it's a great topic."

It doesn't sound strange to me at all. In fact, it sounds like right my alley!

Best regards,

Nov 9, 2002
Hey There,
I dont write about Titanic, but it is fun doing it. If I ever have an English project I do it on Titanic. I think the teachers catch on after a while that I check out all the Titanic books in the School!
All the best,

Halsey Laurien Kessner

Evryone remember my name. I am 13 and I have 70 some pages writen on a book so far, so look for me in maybe the next year or so!

Alicia Windsor

Hey everyone,
I'm seventeen and I love to write. I've actually been trying to write a novel set on the Titanic... but it's really tough. My biggest problem is not the characters, but my lack of knowledge of the ship. So I'm trying to read and learn as much as I can, but until then, all I end up with is a series of crumpled up first chapters.

Daniel Ehlers

I am 14, and love to write as well... I'm currently writing a novel that is set onboard Titanic. I'm a perfectionist, so I'm on my eighth rewrite. Once I'm done with this final version story, I'm hoping to make a sequel onboard Lusitania...

In the other end of the writing realm, I had to write, for my English class this year, a piece of narrative poetry and I, of course, did it about Titanic...
Jan 31, 2001

Keep researching. The more you know about the real story, the better your own story will become. In addition to researching the ship itself, you may also want to look into the Gilded Age as well. That way your characters will seem more realistic.


A novel set on the Lusi sounds like it would be interesting.

Megan brule

I love to write. A couple years ago at my school a poem I wrote on the Civil War got published.

Jeremy Lee

Jun 12, 2003
I have done an 14 page essay on the Titanic for my school's Multi Disciplinary Project last year, among other historical pieces, including the Boxer Rebellion etc. I love writing!

(But mine is on history and facts, so its not really a story)
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
Mark Chirnside asked my to post this for him since he seems to be having some problems getting onto the site. He's was definately in the "12 to 18" class when he started working on them a few years ago.


As promised, if anyone's still interested, I'm posting an update on the progress of my second major book project, RMS Olympic, Titanic's Sister. It's now available for pre-order on the website (while the first book has become available on the American amazon site, although it comes out much earlier here in the UK), and according to amazon will be published around October 2004 -- that is, significantly earlier than I had expected.

I remain extremely grateful to everyone whose kindness made the book possible. Many people have generously shared their research and I am indebted to them. Since beginning work in September 2001, the second book has taken up much of my energy and I hope that it will shed some light on Olympic's wonderful history, while providing new information. I get the impression that expectations are high and truly hope that they are met.

The link is:

Best wishes and kindest regards,

Chris Nicholson

I am 14 (almost 15) and I love to write. Right now I have only written a few short stories, but am starting to write down some ideas about a full lenght book for kids my age about this normal 20 year old guy who in each book by bad luck happens to be involved ( as a innocent bystander of course) in a major disaster. In each book he ends up somewhere, that place falls victom to a tragety which spans a certain distance of time in which he has this really cool adventure to survive. the first one will take place on a sinkihng cruise ship.
Ps. Best of luck with your book Mr. Standart.

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