Are these windows from the Olympic

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These two windows are in the restaurant room of the White Swan Hotel in Alnwick. I photographed them just over four years ago and was wondering at the time if they are from the Olympic.

The evidence that points to them being from the ship is that they are now in the Hotel which is presently home to the majority section of the First Class Lounge panelling, some banisters from the GSC and a revolving door said to be from the First Class Smoking Room. The stained glass design is consistent with the stained glass in the lounge windows and a pair of large, richly decorated stained glass windows found at the Marquis of Granby Hotel prior to the auction of its Olympic fittings in 2000. Furthermore, as with the ex-Marquis of Granby windows, the stained glass depicts a maritime theme with two tall sailing ships.

The whole of the windows may not be from the ship but the circular section with the sailing boat could well be. The hotel staff do not point them out as being from the ship and on my 'pit stop' in Alnwick two weeks ago on the way to Haltwhistle, they had been obscured by large pot plants that had been placed in front of them.

But surely the antique stained glass depicting a maritime theme cannot be just pure co-incidence?

Any opinions?


Brian R Peterson

Hi Stewart,

While the resemblance to the stained glass windows aboard Titanic and Olympic in these windows are remarkable, the sailing ships in the stained glass as photographed in the Olympic First Class Smoke Room occupy the entire center of the window, and were much larger.

I believe the design of the stained glass Lounge windows depicted Renaissance scenes, such as castles, religious figures etc, and keeping in the 17th century décor theme of the room.

However it is very possible that these windows are sections taken from examples originating from one or both of these rooms.

Best Regards,

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