Are tourists dives to Titanic and Bismark still happening

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I believe a British company was leading the tourist dives to Titanic and Bismark.

Have tourists been to the Bismark?

Here is what i am wondering-

What is the website of this company?

Were there tourists dives on Titanic this year??

Anyone here who went as a toursist who can give the impressions of the experince?

I wonder if they actually see much, or if its a quick flyover , and thats all...

I dont think Ive ever read a review of a tourist dive on Titanic....

I know the Capt. of the QE2 dove on the Titanic a year ago as a tourist, so the tours must still be underway.

My information about the tourist dives is 3 years out of date.

If i win the lottery ill go, till then its still to selling things on Ebay to pay my bills..


tarn Stephanos

The Mir submersibles entered into a mandatory 18-month safety inspection/refit not long after Cameron's 2001 expedition. The Mirs will resume diving on the wreck this coming spring. I understand that they have a backlog of customers waiting for a dive. I'm not one of them.

Hi Parks
I see it in the cards, you will indeed dive on the Titanic wreck one day..i hope so, as like you, i want to see the silent room equipment raised and restored into working order. You would certainly need to be there to oversee that project.

Plus isnt cameron returning to explore Titanic so as to film the Turkish Baths, Scotland road, the swimming Bath and anything else missed last time around?


Tarn Stephanos
Hello Tarn and Parks. I could be wrong as I TRY not to believe EVERYTHING I read (Unless it's on here of course. HA HA) but I am quite sure that I just recently saw a quote from Mr. Cameron that said something to the effect of "Since TITANIC is deteriorating at such an alarming rate, I am not planning on doing much of anything for the next few years except dive down, film and salvage what I can. Movies can wait, TITANIC can't." Again I am paraphrasing but that was at least the gist. Unfortunately, I don't know when he hopes to continue his dives to the wreck. I sure hope he gets to the Turkish and Swimming Baths. Cheers
Per Cameron's schedule - according to PEOPLE (Supplement for Sunday newspaper), Cameron expressed interest in exploring the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and Pacific Range.

As an aside, perhaps one of my favorite segments, and somewhat touching, of any documentaries, was *two* of the world's deep-sea submersibles, out of respect and recognition of one another...a salutaton of sort with manipulator arm.

It was at this aforementioned *active* site of our planet...the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

Also a joint effort.

Michael A. Cundiff

Jim Cameron has a genuine interest in the ship and nobody knows better than he the current condition of the wreck. I have heard him express an intense desire to return to the wreck as soon as possible.

Cameron also has binding obligations to the studios. He is required, by contract, to deliver a certain number of films to Fox within a certain number of years (I don't know if it's my place to detail specifics, which is why I'm being somewhat vague). His contractural obligations conflict with his personal desires. How he deconflicts them is anyone's guess...especialy since he has the ability to surprise the people who work for him with his determination and energy.

Titanic is one of many deep-ocean interests he has now. I really think that he would like nothing better than to explore the depths of the ocean, beginning with famous shipwrecks, but that's just my opinion and I could be wrong.

Seems Cameron has developed the same passion as Dr exploring the deep ocean and the great wrecks. I wonder how these two would get on?

IF RMSTI isnt able to recover from it self implosions, perhaps Cameron could help establish a foundatiuon dedicated to exploring the Titanic wreck..
He seems to realise more than most the urgency for exploration of the interior.

Tarn Stephanos

Ryan Sullivan

hey everyone

i visited the british web site that is offering the dives to titanic and found that they are giving away FREE trips to the titanic in a contest. i think it was like 16 winners. and they do a contest every year! just thought that those of you who (like me) dont have a personal valet would like to know that.

Ryan Sullivan
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