Around the World on the Queen Mary 2

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Here's the link to the news about the Around the World plans for the Queen Mary 2:

Included in the Itinerary is San Francisco, Pago Pago, Sydney, Auckland, and Athens, Paris, Rome, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Cairo, San Francisco and Rio de Janeiro.

It looks like it will be a great voyage. My only question is how they think the ship will make it to Paris??

If I win BIG in the California Lottery, I'll book my tickets, then send word to Inger & Alex to "roll out the WELCOME mat".
John, if I hit it big in the New Jersey Lottery or in the Mega Millions Lottery which is a multi-state lottery in which New Jersey is in, I will join you aboard the QM2.
As it is, I won't be able to travel on the QM2's round-the-World voyage.
I do, though, look forward to hearing the stories of the ship's maiden arrivals in:
1. San Francisco: February 4, 2007;
2. Pago Pago: February 13, 2007;
3. Auckland: February 17, 2007;
4. Sydney: February 20, 2007;
5. Hong Kong: February 28, 2007;
6. Singagpore: March 3, 2007;
7. Kuala Lampur: March 4, 2007;
8. Cochin, India: March 7, 2007;
9. Dubai (UAE): March 3, 2007;
10. Alexandria: March 17, 2007;
11. Athens: March 19, 2007;
12. Civitavecchia (for Rome): March 21, 2007; and
13. Le Havre: March 25, 2007.

For Sydney I will wager that Inger and Alex will stake out prime spots near, if not on, the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

We'll also have to see if the QM2 horn will pipe out the french horn introduction to "Waltzing Matilda".

Kyle Johnstone

Hi John,

QM2 has already called at
Athens (Piraeus), Civitavecchia and Le Havre. So these calls in 2007 will not be maiden arrivals.
My mistake. I copied the locations from the QM2 schedule at, and presumed those were maiden calls, as part of the Trans-Global Excursion.
My main thought was "I wish I could be there", to see the ship arrive, in re: those places

I forgot about the previous Mediterranean Sea Excursions, especially as I was thinking only about the now completed "Trek of Magellan" Excursions and the North Atlantic Crossings.

Now I need to plan for an August/September 2007 Eastbound North Atlantic Crossing, especially if it comes down to just me and my friends Charles and Henry. We haven't yet figured out how to spirit Jason away from Toronto and on to the Queen Mary 2.
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