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Artefact Red Vase

Discussion in 'The Artifacts' started by Michael Cundiff, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. By far and away my favorite artefact retrieved to date has to be the beautiful 14" red vase w/gilded dragon handles, first seen in the 1987 TIME magazine article "Tresures reclaimed from the deep". My question, has any list member ever seen the vase in an *Artefact Exhibition*?
    Unfortunately, RMSTI does not feature the vase on their homepage.

    Michael Cundiff
    NV, USA
    (Where Fosset's remains were alas found!)
  2. On a very happy note :)
    I have finally found an image I have been searching for...with compliments of Jennifer Carter, the first woman to dive to TITANIC.

    I hope that you admire the following couple as much as I:


    Michael Cundiff
    NV, USA
  3. That's always been one of my favorite artifacts also. If you ever get a chance to see it, check out the 1987 Cabin Fever Entertainment video 'Treasures of the Titanic', which features the recovery of this vase from the debris field. Does anyone know if this would have been a personal belonging or if it belonged to White Star as part of the ship's decor? Just from looking at it I would venture the guess that it's a personal item, but I've been wrong many times before.

    Oh, and I don't recall seeing it at either of the exhibitions I've been to. Would love to at the next one though!
  4. Matthew & others: Yes I do own "Treasures of the Titanic" also the *ever-rare* 1987 TV recorded "Return to the Titanic" live from Paris, France (Joslyn/Westgate '87). The VHS tape is in frail condition and I am told I could have it transferred to a DVD, along with enhancing, by WAL-GREENS or something. Is this in fact true?
    Also the 1987 time article..."Treasures Reclaimed From The Deep" features an image of NAUTILE's manipulator arm aided with a suction device retrieving one of the two recovered vases. As well, it was an earlier enquiry of mine...has either of the vases been featured at exhibition? I can only surmize...perhaps at an overseas' exhibit?

    As with yourself I am yearning to see one at exhibition. I will be physically stunned and perhaps moved to tears once again by such remarkable preservation. And to think, Ms. Jennifer Carter was able to hold them and feature photographs in her book "Titanic Adventure".

    Michael Cundiff
    NV, USA
  5. i think the vases you're talking about were on display in Denver last year. I recall seeing them in a case with some other porcelain vases, I think. Don't know where that exhibit is now, though...
  6. Bill Sauder

    Bill Sauder Member

    I'm sorry to say the vase is most likely a personal effect and not part of the ship's decor.

    When I saw the vase at the RMST Labs a few years ago, I was able to examine it. It has no unusual markings and no means to bolt it down.

    Vases, table clocks, and statuary are always bolted down: on top of the Olympic marble fireplace in the White Swan, there are bolts set into the marble to allow the flanking vases and the Diana statue to be secured.
  7. JJAstorII

    JJAstorII Member

    I have to agree with Bill that it must've been a personal effect. The picture is often labeled as "an item from the 1st Class Lounge". However, the style of the lounge was Louis XI or IV and that wouldn't fit with that specific decor. Especially the dragon handles. That wasn't that style at all.