Arthur Albert Howell

Arthur was a First Class Saloon Steward and perished in the Titanic tragedy and was buried in the Fairbanks Lawn Cemetery in Halifax,Nova Scotia.
Contrary to the records on the web site he was in fact married and had two children at least.He married my Great Aunt Annie Jessie nee Wall in 1907
Southampton records did not produce any Disaster Fund records concerning his wife and family,although I understand some records have gone missing.
I would be grateful to learn of any further information concerning any of them and in particular where one might find photographs of Arthur.


John Biggs (England)
Dear John, Below is my print out for Mr. Howells - I hope you find it of interest?
You will have to contact one of the Moderators to get his obituary corrected.
I have also put this on his obituary.
Howells, Arthur Albert. Lived at 12 Cliff Road, Itchen, Southampton. Occupation - Saloon Steward. 31 years old. (Born in Croydon, Surrey).
(From: Mansion House Titanic Relief Fund Booklet, March 1913)
Number 431. Howell, Annie Jessie, widow. Howells, Arthur Albert, child, and Howells, Edith Ann child. All class D dependants.
(From: Mansion House Titanic Relief Fund Booklet, March 1913)
Number 434. Howells, parents. Grant. £20.
Wife Annie Jessie (nee Wall) - (Titanic C431) two children daughter Edith and son Arthur Albert. Mrs Howells passed away 13th March 1962 Annuity No. M270/31 Scottish Widows Fund.
Body number 319. Interred at Fairview Cemetery, Halifax, Nova Scotia.
also he has a Memorial brick in his name in the Woolston, Southampton, Millennium Garden known as the Feathers in Victoria Road Woolston - which opened in April 2002.
I knew his daughter Edith Ann until a few years ago when she passed away. The sad thing was her mother had never ever told her of her fathers Titanic connection and she only found out after her mothers death.

Best regards - Brian
> Dear Brian, I find myself completely gobsmacked.After kicking myself for some years for not asking questions when my ancestors were alive and subsequently making enquiries with limited success,I suddenly find within 12 hours of posting a message I get some answers. Thank you so much for your reply it is really appreciated. It is all rather strange inasmuch that I was fascinated by the Titanic disaster well before I was aware of a personal connection and so was my daughter. When I became interested in Genealogy my father in an aside casually mentioned that he thought an Uncle of his perished on the Titanic and that he was a waiter of some sort. If he knew of some connection I am surprised that Edith didn't know as in earlier years they all knew one another quite well. My parents used to visit Edith(known as Edie)Jessie and Elizabeth occasionally,but my Uncle Joe was very friendly with them as he lived close by. I only spoke to Edie on one occasion ,when she tetephoned after my Fathers death. I wonder if you have any photographs of Arthur,his wife and even perhaps Edie and Jessie.,because I would be very interested in having copies. My wife is very interested in Genealogy and as a result found a distant cousin who worked in an office five minutes from the Fairview Lawn Cemetery in Halifax,Nova Scotia>and he kindly took photographs of Arthurs grave. Would you like copies?? I have records of Edie living sometime at Birchington in Kent and later years at Herbert Road ,Sompting,Lancing,Sussex having been born 13th December 1909 and passing away May 1996. Once more my gratitude for passing on your information

Kind regards,
Hallo, John, and welcome. As you are a genealogy enthusiast I imagine you have the basic Census information, but in case not - Arthur was the son of John (a gardener) and Sarah. At the time of the 1881 Census he had at least three brothers, John, Henry and Frederick and the family address was 13, Bensham Lane, Croydon, Surrey.

Regarding photographs, if I were looking for one myself the first possible source I would contact would be somebody like yourself! If there are none in any family collections, I think it unlikely you will find them elsewhere. Back in 1912 a number of UK newspapers published random collections of thumbnail photos of crew members, but I cannot recall Arthur's picture from any of those.

I haven't come across any specific mention of Arthur Howell in the recollections or testimonies of survivors, but if you would like to have some general information about the work of a 1st Class steward and their role on the night of the sinking feel free to contact me by email - click on my name in the column to the left and then on the 'private message' link.
John, Glad you found the information useful.
Sorry but I have no access to any photographs at all - I dont remember seeing any at Ediths house.
Thanks for the offer of Photographs of his grave at Fairview but I have some and provided some for Edith.
She was always 'sorry' that she had not known about her fathers grave sooner or she would have gone and paid her respects while she was young enough and fit enough.
Best regards - Brian