Arthur C. Clarke and William MacQuitty

Dan Kappes

The famous British science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke mentions this film in two novels of his which feature a raised Titanic; "Imperial Earth" (1976) and "The Ghost from the Grand Banks" (1990). In the former, the film is screened during a tour on board the raised Titanic which is docked in New York City, and in the latter, the film is edited to remove all smoking scenes before the film is aired on worldwide satellite television for the centennial of the Titanic's sinking in 2012.

Clarke and the producer of this film, William MacQuitty, were lifelong friends and Clarke credits him in the Acknowledgements of his two books as having provided resources about the Titanic to him such as the dinner menus on the ship which are shown in both books. Clarke dedicated "The Ghost from the Grand Banks" to him. The dedication states:

"For my old friend Bill MacQuitty-who, as a boy, witnessed the launch of R.M.S. Titanic, and, forty-five years later, sank her for the second time."